spa heater

  1. M

    Pool/Spa Heater (cycling on and off every 45 seconds). Takes 1.5 hours to heat spa

    I am new to this site and I pay a professional pool service to take care of my pool. Our Setup PentAir Master Temp 400 - the pool was installed in Sept 2020. PentAir Water Pool and Spa Automation. Salt Water Pool. Back in Dec 2020, we set our spa (which we weren't using very often) to 101 and...
  2. TVGREEN23

    Raypak 206A Millivolt Trouble Shooting

    New to the Forum but not completely new to pools. Lucky enough to grow up with one in my backyard and Pops had me working on it young. Now that I have moved back into my childhood home with my fiance, I am trying to knock off the dust a bit lol. Im good with cleaning the pumps and filters but...
  3. S

    Pentair Easy Touch remote won't control the heater temperature

    Hi! We have an inground pool and spa. We have a Pentair Easy Touch system with the Easy Touch 8 circuit remote control. Here's my problem: The remote and the system won't control the Pentair heater's temperature. For example, if we set the spa temperature to 100F on our remote and turn the...