1. megaz28

    Intex 16" Sand Filter Pump (Model SF60110-2) - Bypassing the digital timer and integrating into the smart home.

    Problem: I got the Intex 16" Sand Filter Pump (Model SF60110-2) to replace the small Intex Cartridge pump that came with our 18' above ground pool. The outgoing pump's schedule was controlled by a zWave outdoor smart plug and life was good. Well... the new sand filter pump is equipped with a...
  2. B

    Intex SF80110-2 Pump/Filter Timer Bypass

    I have an Intex 1200 gph Krystal Clear Sand Filer Pump, model SF80110-2. This model has a built-in timer, but it will only allow you to run the pump for a set amount of hours per day continuously and then shut off. If the power goes out or it is unplugged, you can turn it back on and reset the...