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    Question regarding return plumbing in deep end of pool flooring

    So I noticed some pool builders say they are different because their pools have 2 returns and 2 suctions in the deep end of the pool? Anyone ever here of this and is that good or bad to do? Any advantage to just have 2 suctions in the deep and then returns jets around the entire pool? Thanks!
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    Returns & Circulation

    Hi, Our new pool constructions was completed a month ago. We got the Stonescapes mini-pebble, Tropics Blue with Glass Beads and Abalone shell. Also, have a pool screen/cage over the pool. I'm after 2-things here: 1. Good water circulation so the skimmer catches the top items 2. With having the...
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    Return eyeball replacement

    I have 5 of these returns in my pool. I had the pool built 8 years ago and I’ve never really like them. I often have to adjust them as the direction of the water flow changes. My question is am I locked in to these models or can I replace with different types of returns. Thanks