pool leak

  1. F

    New Pool losing water (I think)

    Hi Forum! We just finished filling our brand-new 15X30 Above Ground, Aquasport Vision 52" pool on July 31st. It seems like it's losing water... First, some background and details about the pool. We live in Michigan, just so you know the climate. More on that later. We bought our pool in May...
  2. J

    Pool Level Dropped 4-6" last night.

    I left my robot on last night (forgot to turn it off)it was spinning with one tread off a tire in the same spot. This morning I woke up to the water level right at the bottom of the pool skimmer level (on the inside wall of the pool). The water level hasn't dropped all day today so I dont...
  3. B

    Pool liner floated!

    We have an in-ground pool with a vinyl liner (don't know what's underneath that). It was built in 2003, we purchased the property in 2012. Two winters in a row the liner floated up in spring. The water leaked out to the level of the bottom step which would lead me to believe there's a leak...