leak under pump

  1. P

    Leak or just condensation?

    Added 20 CYA yesterday so I ran the pump overnight to circulate. When I went out this morning I noticed that the pad at was damp at the base of the pump. At first I was worried that I had a leak and that I hadn’t noticed til now because the hot air evaporates it before I get home. But I couldn’t...
  2. V

    Pentair Intelliflo XF Leaking at the base after 1 week after changing the shaft seal.

    Hi. My Pentair Intelliflo XF was leaking at the base where the motor meets the pump a few weeks ago. I replaced the shaft seal, diffuser and main o-rings. After, no leaking, then about a week to 10 days goes by and the leak is back. When replacing the shaft seal, the old one did not look...
  3. adams1986

    2hp pool pump leaking from bottom, now will not prime.

    First, thanks for any help you can give. I searched the forum and couldn't find an answer to my issue. I have a 2hp pool pump for my 20,000 gal inground pool that is only one summer old (Pump installed at the beginning of last summer, pool is 10 years old). Opening the pool, I noticed a small...