1. W

    Pool safety (fencing and pool covers)

    I'm new here and need a bit of help with securing my pool. I have a porch that leads directly to my pool (3ft clearance). What are the requirements for pool gates? It seems futile to put up a gate since someone could just jump in from the porch. Also, does anyone know the clearance required for...
  2. Shrek60

    Pool Fence and Deck Slope

    A real newbie here. Fought the wife for years concerning a pool, then along came grandchildren, and I lost the battle. Just installing a 18’ x 36’ in ground pool. The contractor said they plan to pitch the concrete deck slope at 1/4” per foot. That is great for rain runoff, but now I have...
  3. N

    Poolside plants, pool cover and fencing

    Hey all, I'm an (almost) new pool owner, as we're under contract for a property that has a pretty nice gunite pool setup, which I unfortunately know very little about (and have never owned a pool). I'll be working with the current owner to learn more, but had a few questions I wanted to bounce...