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    Poolmath pH suggestion doesn't match prediction

    So this morning I did a test of pool water, fill water, (and for kicks, the softened house water). Here's some results: POOL FILL SOFTENED PH 8.1 8.2 8.5 TA 60 80 90 CH 325 100 <=25 Interestingly, my TA has dropped from 70 and CH has risen from 300. The pH still tries to climb. I...
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    Poolmath pH suggestion doesn't match prediction

    @PoolStored "...upper portion takes in the affects of everything else.. Use the top area..." Yeah, that's why it's weird that the bottom area is much more accurate. @JoyfulNoise I don't notice a significant swing in TA when I acid down. I'll check it all again tomorrow in addition to my fill...
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    Poolmath pH suggestion doesn't match prediction

    Yeah, TA is 70 according to the readings 1 hour ago from my TF-100 kit. AND it's interesting that the poolmath even accounts for this in its pH calculation there. But it's way off!?! Why are the two projections so different then?
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    Poolmath pH suggestion doesn't match prediction

    I'm using the old Poolmath calculator online and although the numbers look pretty good (except for the salt), I'm having difficulty dumping enough MA into the water to get pH below 8. And I'm confused by the difference in the recommendation next to the pH row and the Effects of Adding section at...
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    Dumping salt water in the woods

    My SWG pool has an excessive amount of salt in the water. I need to dump some of the water out and refill with fresh water to bring the level down. I have 3600 ppm of salt in the water now and I need to dump about 3000 gallons of it to bring it down to 3200 ppm. I live on a hillside in Southern...
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    Accuracy of Taylor K-1000 test kit colors

    Just went with SWG so I bought a Taylor TF-100 test kit and it came with a K-1000 kit just for quick chlorine & ph testing. The chlorine test has colors to match for .5, 1, 2, 3, 5 ppm. But I'm puzzled though because the 2 & 3 colors appear to be identical. Some of my friends even think the 2 is...
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    TA not lowered after adding acid to lower Ph to 7.0 and aerating

    I'm trying to understand all this, but I have a problem adjusting my SWP with the various opinions in addition to the official "optimum recommendations" from sources I should trust. For example: TFP Hayward & Pentair TA 60-80 80-120 CYA 70-80 30-50 Why are the TFP recommendations way...
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    Calmat Electronic Scale Protection - in a pool?

    I've been struggling with scale buildup on my tile at the water line for years. I just converted to a SWG, but I don't think that's going to solve my scaling issue (CH=300). I recently purchased a Calmat water treatment system for my house plumbing after getting some rave reviews from friends...
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    Lower alkalinity without aeration?

    I just drained and refilled my pool after a bout of 110+ CYA. Now my numbers are a lot better, but my TA is a bit on the high side. I"ve read that I should add acid to decrease PH and TA then aerate to increase the PH back up to normal. I've even bought an aerator, but then I read the...
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    First time with the TF-100!

    Last night when the pool was full, I did a quick check: TC:0 and pH: 8 so I dumped in a gallon of 12% chlorine and a gallon of acid. Ran the pump overnight. This morning I did a full test with the TF-100: pH: 7 FC:5 CC:0.5 TC:5.5 CH:225 TA:120 CYA:<20 I may have overdone the MA and CL a bit...
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    First time with the TF-100!

    Ok, I bit the bullet and had it blasted with MaxxStrip, tiles repaired, and then drained all leaving only about 3000 gallons (10%)! Refilling it now and I realize I'm panicking about what to do next. I did a quick check of the water which is now about 1 foot from the top, and it shows no...
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    Best Places to Buy Liquid Chlorine

    All the links for "local HASA dealer" in the first post of this thread are broken.
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    First time with the TF-100!

    Yes, I did the dilution test for CYA, it came out to 50 (and x2=100). I guess I'll bite the bullet and do the drain next week. Guess I'll scrub the tiles to dump that calcium into the water first. The water has never been changed (22 years) so there's bound to be a bunch of mineral buildup. Stay...
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    First time with the TF-100!

    Thanks for all the replies. Brings up two questions: 1. Could I live with 100 CYA? Would it just mean that I'd be adding more chlorine? 2. Changing the water has complications. If I open the drain valve on my filter, I could only drop the water about 2 feet before the side intake would suck air...
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    First time with the TF-100!

    Finally decided to actually do something about my always-slightly-green pool: bought a TF-100 test kit! Took longer to do the tests than I pictured (about an hour) but maybe it'll go faster with experience. I've been pretty much relying on chlorine disks in 2 dispensers to handle the pool...