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    BESTWAY 5613HE STEEL PRO MAX 14' x 48" (4,024 GAL) - Pump/Filter Recomendations

    That pump is probably overkill -- 1 hp should be sufficient.
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    Resort Pool... Gross.

    I'm going to Pensacola, FL the first of October, and the hotel has a pool. Wonder how cloudy it is, and whether we will want to swim in it!
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    Extra Pool White Goods

    Craigslist and eBay are good points of sale, too.
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    Chlorine test

    It's normal for the water in the cylinder to go pink after standing. However, you should always dump and rinse your cylinders after use. Did you add chlorine and redo your test after 30 min of mixing? What was your FC then?
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    So you are new to testing

    It really is easy. And that easy. Just stop thinking of the test kit as OMG A TEST KIT WITH SCARY TESTS OMG!!!!! and think of it as one test at a time. It's an FC test, it's a CYA test, it's a TA test. Just one test at a time.
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    It's Coming Down!!!

    Only drawback so far is the cars get HOT sitting out in the sun! That tree shaded the house and the driveway.
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    It's Coming Down!!!

    Well, it's done. The base of the trunk was almost rotted through. The supervisor of the team said a good strong wind could have taken it down just about any time. So good thing we took it down! They finished up around 2. That was amazing! DH and I would have sworn it would have taken until dark...
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    It's Coming Down!!!

    Too late for time lapse. You'll just have to take my word for it!
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    It's Coming Down!!!

    They've been here since 8 am, it's now 1054 am ET, and have most of the branches over the house and pool down. No damage to the pool -- YAY!! They're really moving fast, a lot faster than I expected. I imagine they'll have it down to just a trunk by noon, if not sooner. What's surprising me is...
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    It's Coming Down!!!

    I hate those lichen covered sticks! Not least because lichen is half algae!
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    It's Coming Down!!!

    Finally! The big oak tree in the front yard is coming down tomorrow! That means no more tiny acorns, leaves, and random twigs and branchlets coming down on the lawn, cars, and most importantly the POOL!!! The thing is over 100 years old and beginning to rot from the inside. We had an arborist...
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    Pool Store Honesty Test

    My local pool store charges $25 for testing! They give you a $25 credit for chemicals in exchange, along with their bogus test results. Only thing I go there for is filter sand.
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    Cloudy pool -- I knew it would happen

    Day 3 of : 0730 FC 20 passed ! Water is crystal clear, CC is 0. I'll check the OCLT again tomorrow morning, just to make sure, but I'm essentially DONE with this SLAM! Catching it early and dosing the pool every 2 hours really paid off! Thanks TFP!!! :kim:
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    Losing Chlorine FC 28 to 7 in 24 hours

    You obviously have an algae problem. means Shock Level And MAINTAIN. It doesn't last two days -- it lasts however long it lasts. Keep SLAMming until your water is crystal clear, CC is 0.5 or less, and is 1 or less. Also go around the pool looking for algae. Skimmer weirs, ladders, ropes...
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    I second that! And it's OCLT, not ONCT.