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    Trying to find the leak.....

    Hi there, I will make my leak finding story short because I tried many ways to find it...similar to what you have done thus far. So now, the short version: I ensured that the water was clear with the proper chemical levels along with a high chlorine content to ensure that my water will not...
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    Leaking Pool

    Do you have any update on whether the pool leak was found and subsequently repaired? Thank you in advance of your response.
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    Struggling with a leak on my IG vinyl liner pool

    Did you happen to find your leak? If so, were you able to repair it?
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    Looking for Feedback from Vinyl Pool Owners with S200/300 Style Robots

    My Oasis Z5 climbs the walls and travels sidewalls for a certain distance. Then stops and scales down the wall and starts cleaning the floor. I seen my cleaner on other parts of the pool walls cleaning it as advertised.
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    Can someone tell me what the height is of the Dolphin Pool Caddy?

    From floor to the top of the handle is 40 inches
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    Dolphin Z5 not climbing walls (not new)

    My Oasis Z5 had stopped last summer cleaning the walls. It eventually stopped all together. I found small ball bearings in the pool when I vacuumed the pool the old fashioned way. I have purchased the following: Maytronics Dolphin 9985006 Tracks Maytronics Dolphin 3884997 Guide Wheels (FOUR)...
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    Robot Cleaner Gets Stuck on Main Drains

    I purchased this from Amazon for about $60 (white, $51 for blue color): Zodiac 5830 Blue Unibridge Main Drain Cover Replacement. It is not 100% effective because my Oasis Z5 kicks the cover off the main drain...on the average one time over three months. I found it acceptable for my use.
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    Why must FC be below 5 if CYA is zero?

    Thank you very much...will do the recommendations. Have a great day!!! :-D
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    Why must FC be below 5 if CYA is zero?

    I am testing using the pool kit purchased here. I am following the directions and essentially filled the tube with the proper mixture of pool water and #13 chemical. Hence, my almost zero CYA. I just am not sure what happens with an almost zero CYA. My thinking is that the chlorine will...
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    Why must FC be below 5 if CYA is zero?

    I had a cloudy, green tinged pool. I added bleach a couple of days ago and vacuumed the pool. It is clear now. After testing, the results are: FC=10 CYA~0 TA>300 pH=8.2 Hence, the question that started this post. I do not plan to swim until the end of May. Am I going to have any issues...
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    Why must FC be below 5 if CYA is zero?

    In the Basic Pool Care, I read the following: "When CYA is really zero you should not bring the FC level above 5." My question is why? :? Thank you.
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    How long to wait after adding bleach and muratic acid

    Thank you all for your fast all I need are a pump and filter :wink:
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    How long to wait after adding bleach and muratic acid

    Hi all: How long should one wait to swim after adding a normal amount of bleach and muratic acid to maintain the proper level per the "Pool Calculator" ? Bill