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    Hayward Navigator Circles
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    Intelliflo VF is brain dead

    Why do you need / want a VF ? In 15 min you can program the VS and its half the price. With the same savings.
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    Intelliflo VF is brain dead

    Belldiver I recently installed a Pentair Intelliflo pump for 679.00 after an efficiency rebate, you may have these available in your area. Pump from Magnolia pool supply 879.00 Rebate from Nevada Power 200.00 :whip: ... parent.htm...
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    Removing rotten meat odor from travel trailer freezer/fridge

    Re: Removing rotten meat odor from travel trailer freezer/fr I've had the same thing happen to me. I opened the fridge and freezer and bleached every surface I could reach. Then a box fan was used to dry overnight. This process was repeated 3 times to complete the cleanup.
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    Test Results in - Is FC what I should focus on?

    FC of 30 is correct @CYA 80 With a SWG, 80 CYA is at the top end of the chart.
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    Dogs in pool, specificallly Labs

    They can swim, i'd try to get them to do it on their own through coaxing with a toy or treat. Bacon, tried and true solution for one of my dogs that was reluctant to get into the pool. Now when I open the back door he runs over to the pool steps and stares at me until I give him the ok.
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    Green Pool, No $

    If you decide to drain/refill you can call Garret Vardever @ 702-218-0065 He has multiple tanker trucks and I've know him for 7 years, honest and on time.
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    Testing for Copper

    Yep, born and raised in North Branch then Minneapolis for college. Nice weather here no squeeky snow for me. Back on topic. I like the green tint on my dogs tail.
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    Testing for Copper

    Didn't the ice just come off the lakes? How long until the eelpout festival ? Too hot for MN............ I do miss the 3 months of good weather :whip: :whip: :whip: and great people.
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    Testing for Copper

    Today High 102 Low 82 AVG 92............ Too hot? PERFECT
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    Pool Cover replacement - newer technology for these?

    I ordered my cover from ... 0808-p.htm (when they had a sale check around) Fast shipping and a fair price, also check with your local utilities in many areas there is a rebate for water / energy conservation. Here in Las Vegas its........... $50 or 50...
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    Working out in a short pool

    Wear a t-shirt, the increased drag should be quite noticeable. Or mukluks :P
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    Hey chem geek, I love your threads and the direct technical explanations.{thank you} Until I read this,,,,, :shock: :shock: :shock: " But when bathers are constantly introducing bacteria into the water, you want that bacteria killed in the time it leaves as fecal matter until it gets...
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    Newbie needing Advice!!!

    3 quick links pool-school/defeating_algae pool-school/shocking_your_pool pool-school/ Also, the more often you test and maintain your pool at correct shock levels, for your CYA level, the faster the cleanup process will go.