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    Contact Information For HASA?

    Thanks. That is the info I needed.
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    Contact Information For HASA?

    Can someone give me a telephone number for Hasa? Had a neighbor taking care of my LQ while on vacation and he broke my incoming float. I went to the Hasa website and the only method of contact listed is email, so I sent one, but have not received a reply and now I can't get the website up as I...
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    Which pump best for use with Liquidator?

    (Bump) Does anybody have any thoughts on which pump will work best for my application?
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    Which pump best for use with Liquidator?

    I need to replace my pump and motor. I am considering the Pentair 347990 Opti Flo 1hp 2 speed 115v or the Hayward SP15922S Power Flo Matrix 1HP 2 speed 110V. My sand filter is 2sq ft and the pool is 7700 gal above ground. I am running the Liquidator on it. I have read where the Hayward has a...
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    Thanks TXJM, as the old saying 'Better late than never." Are you talking about the kind that floats in the middle of the pool and attaches by way of a hose or the one that attaches directly to the return? I made a pvc cooler similar to duraleigh's, but found the weight was bending the side...
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    How to test MPS with TF100

    Thanks. This is exactly the info I was looking for. Have a good St Patrick's day!
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    How to test MPS with TF100

    I use the TF100 for my testing. I have the Nature 2 and use MPS. I have used test strips for the MPS, but would like to start using the TF100. I believe I have seen posts on how to do this, but haven't been able to find them. Can someone tell me how to test MPS with the TF100 or link me to a...
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    To close or not to close........

    Thad, The answers to a few questions may help us provide better guidance. What are you using in the chlorinator? Have you read and studied the Pool School material (There is a button that links to Pool School at the top right side of every page on this site.) Do you have a comprehensive test...
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    To close or not to close........

    The advantage of closing and covering the pool is that it takes no maintenance during the winter and it saves on electricity. The disadvantage is the cost of the cover, blowing out the lines, sealing off the pool, and the difficulty in removing the cover. On the other hand if you do not close...
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    Preparing to close above ground pool... ph? Pool cover?

    Whether you can avoid a swamp if you do not cover it depends on what is around it. I have a bunch of trees and for several years I did not cover the pool and it was always a swamp primarily because of leaves when I got ready to open it. If the pool is in the open and there are no trees in the...
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    Fighting with pool all summer -- any advice before I drain?

    Re: Fighting with pool all summer -- any advice before I dra I do not know if high calcium causes cloudiness in a pool. I know it causes scaling and for that reason should be reduced. Have you tested your fill water? If it has low calcium then partial draining and refilling would be a good...
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    Inground pool poses huge safety concern

    The depth would not bother me. It has an advantage when it comes to diving and as far as the kids go, regardless of the depth, you must drown proof them. You must find someone who can teach your kids, even the newborn how to be safe in the water. As for vacuuming I don't see the depth as a...
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    pool heating redneck style....

    The problem with the OP pic is the wheelbarrow. A redneck doesn't have a wheelbarrow, he has a 55 gal drum cut in half with a couple wheels.
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    Green since June

    As you will learn in Pool School normally the only way to reduce CYA is by replacing the pool water with water that does not contain any CYA. So, the question is did you drain water and replace it or have a huge splash out and replace the water or a heavy rain? Absent these it is highly...
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    Why do trichlor tablets exist?

    Thanks Jason for that explanation