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    TurboIXXI New Pool Construction

    Thank! that's very helpful info
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    TurboIXXI New Pool Construction

    Think about switching the DE filter to a cartridge filter now... Would this cartridge filter be a good replacement? Pentair Clean & Clear Plus Cartridge Filter, 420 Sq. Ft, EC-160301
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    TurboIXXI New Pool Construction

    Took 16 hours to fill the pool and spa. Here are photos of the Stonescapes Micro Pebble French Gray. I ended up hiring a CPO/NSPF certified tech for start up. This is only day 4 so i'm hoping the finish gets better over time. Seems like he did a hot start. I believe he added muriatic...
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    TurboIXXI New Pool Construction

    will do, Thanks!
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    TurboIXXI New Pool Construction

    I did not. I did not see them listed as a pebbletec authorized applicator. Would you recommend J Hock for stonescapes?
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    PebbleTec or Not - Fraud or Not?

    I had the same issue with my build. They kept calling it pebble and I tried to clarify pebblesheen they called it mini pebble. I tried to find a pebbeltec applicator but it turned out to be difficult with no shows and no replies from certified applicators. another applicator said the micro...
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    TurboIXXI New Pool Construction

    Almost ready for plaster. I had a difficult time finding an applicator for Pebbletec so it looks like i'm going with Stonescapes micro pebble now.
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    TurboIXXI New Pool Construction

    Yes, I purchased the HD heater PEN460805. I have everything except the 3HP Intelliflo pump. Waiting for one to become available.