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    Dual Heaters with IntelliCenter-can it be done?

    Hi All, Firstly, I must thank TFP. Through the wealth on information provided, I was able to completely install the IntelliCenter Control System. Thank you. I'm currently upgrading my equipment to be prepared for a planned installation of a Spa in a few months time. to date I've replaced the...
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    Laminar Jets plumbing guidance

    Thank you so much for taking the time and providing this very detailed and useful information. It is much appreciated.
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    Laminar Jets plumbing guidance

    I'm planning to install 6 Pentair Laminar Jets on own pump and cartridge filter. I will run separate lines, each with a valve, for each jet from the equipment pad. The runs to each jet location will be flat and range from 50' to 100'. The pipe at the equipment pad is 2" dia and the pipe...