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    To slide or not to slide?

    Have you considered something like the SlideAway? That's removable with no actual deck connection. Maybe a little shorter than other slide options, but probably good enough to entertain young kids. Disclaimer: we do not have a slide and I have no experience with them.
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    Steel Brush?

    Your tile manufacturer might provide cleaning instructions. I have NPT tiles and they recommend avoiding both steel brushes and pumice stones. I imagine the tiles are all pretty much the same. I bought some 3M scrub pads but haven't actually tried them yet. Tile Care, Water Balance & General...
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    Pool contract suggestions

    Welcome to TFP! Most folks here will recommend a robot rather than a pressure pool cleaner.
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    Pool Landscaping

    I've noticed @bmoreswim has a variety of beautiful plants around the pool. Not sure what they are, though.
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    Blue stone coping ?

    We have Cambridge bullnose coping on our freeform pool. They are 6" width. Ours are sandstone colored but they also have a bluestone color. Still lots of little cuts to get everything to line up on the curves. Took 2 people 2 full days to install.
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    Tile Size for Freeform Pool

    We have a freeform pool with 6x6 tiles. Without going out to look, I'm pretty sure that the only place they were cut was for the curves in/out of the deep end swimout and the openings of the skimmers. It might depend on how tight the curves are in your pool. Most of ours are fairly gradual.
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    New FL Build - 5 Years Almost done planning

    If you stick with the raised spa, I would consider 18" instead of 24" for easier getting in/out. 18" is about the seat height of most chairs. At 24" you're getting into the area where some people would need an extra step. Our sun shelf is 12" and we find it to be a good depth (so far - new pool...
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    Intellicenter need WiFi to function? Panic

    We recently installed a Ubiquiti outdoor access point on one of our deck supports. Cost about $100 plus the cable and gives coverage to a surprisingly large portion of the yard. Something like that might be an option for you.
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    New Build in PA

    Greetings from a fellow Lincoln University (really New London Twp) resident! We completed (pending a couple punchlist items...) our gunite pool at the end of June. We have a saltwater pool and a diving board. Total length is approximately 47 feet. We were very concerned with having enough space...
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    Gunite Pool on slight slope - needs piers?

    Not a pool builder, so take this with a grain of salt. Also, I'm in PA and there may be different soil / geological concerns in Texas. Our backyard has a similar amount of slope. We ended up digging out the high side a little and then building up soil to coping level on the low side, but...
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    New Build in SoCal - Grout Color???

    One other thought. Ours serves as the second step, but at 12" water depth (or less would work too) most people can take a big step in/out from anywhere around the tanning ledge. If you go much deeper that's not as feasible. Not a use case we had considered, but it seems to be happening more than...
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    New Build in SoCal - Grout Color???

    Ours is about 12" (actual water depth, a few more to coping). We've only had water for about a month but so far it's a good depth. Great for our 3 year old and 1 year old. When you sit in a low chair on it you get plenty of water around your mid-section, which is what I want when I'm lounging in...
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    Curious to see what thoughts others have on this. We were in a similar position (pool was just built, lights aren't even fully wired yet). Our builder was really negative on LED lights because of upfront cost, longevity issues, and color quality. He also argued that most people use lights less...
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    Can I see your raised spa??

    Here's our 18" raised spa. Picture was taken from eye height when sitting in a lounge chair
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    Update - Gunite, plumbing done- 18’x 40’ gunite salt pool in New Jersey - Add a ladder in deep end or no?

    What's your desired use case for the tanning ledge? Might just be angles, but the proportions in the picture make it look like you could have one lounge chair facing the spa or maybe two regular chairs facing the pool. Does that work for you?