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    What did you do to your pool today?

    I don’t have before pics, but my FIL and I chopped down the limbs from my neighbor’s tree that hang over into my property and mostly over my pool. This Dang tree would DUMP seed pods and leaves all season long. All it took for me to be in poolside bliss was a $51 gas powered pole saw rental...
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    Leak, who's cheap and good in Arizona?

    Your pool pad looks eerily similar to my in-law's. Shasta installed that pool in 2007. If it's anything like there's, you can't really shut off the IFC. Based on what I know about their pool, here's what I think your plumbing does:
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    Advice on measuring my kidney-shaped pool?

    My son and I went way overboard with calculating the depth of our odd shaped pool. We took a long PVC pipe and marked off feet and inches. Then we held it in the water every foot or so along the length of the pool, taking a measurement of the depth. Then we calculated the volume of each of...
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    What is causing this reaction?!?!

    I thought of that thread when I read this.
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    Which Cartridge filter to choose: Hayward C7030 (725 SqFt) or Pentair 160332 (525 SqFt)

    My FIL has the Hayward C7030. We cleaned the cartridges this weekend. Taking off the top was not hard and it isn’t heavy at all. It’s made of fiberglass. As far as weight of the cartridges go, they were also not heavy. Instead of 4 super long cartridges that would span the length of the unit...
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    Robot Cleaners - Dolphin S200/Dolphin Nautilus CC/etc

    I have had a Nautilus CC since Spring of 18. It does a great job in my pool, much better than my Hayward floor vacuum did before it. That said, in dusty AZ I found I had to purchase the fine filters because the robot would just blow around the dust and dirt instead of actually removing it from...
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    Need Hayward Filter Identification

    It was all just safety warnings. Nothing specific to the model.
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    Need Hayward Filter Identification

    The Yes, this is what a lot of Google Image Search led me to as well I was striking out when looking in Hayward’s site because I was only looking at the residential filters. Turns out it’s their commercial one. Thanks!
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    Need Hayward Filter Identification

    Helping my FIL get the pool at his new house in line. Anyone know the model of this Hayward cartridge filter?
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    Adding chemicals in swg pool

    Oh thank you for this clarification. I had stopped adding MA to at my return since installing the SWG. I assumed the mixing of MA with the fresh chlorine gas would be a bad thing!
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    Explosion near the SWG

    That seems pretty common around here. People paint their pipes tan or black.
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    Doheny's Discovery, S200, Active20, Triton owners club

    Does the S200 really not have a repeating schedule function? My Nautillus CC has that and I like it.
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    Pic of bottom of S200 series cleaner

    Awesome, thank you! On my Nautilus CC there are little doors, with smaller holes than the holes on the S200, that get clogged. Major PIA. Looks like the S200 has many more holes on the bottom as well, I suppose to help with suction when climbing walls?
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    Pic of bottom of S200 series cleaner

    Can someone post a pic of the bottom of an S200 series cleaner? I have a Nautilus CC and the little doors on the bottom get filled with needles. It's a PIA to remove the doors and pull out all the needles with my big sausage fingers.
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    Broken Threaded Pipe

    Put needle nose pliers in, expand and then twist?