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    Im lost help. No visible improvement.

    So last night FC was at 21 this morning FC is at 17. Had to back wash since pressure gauge was high. No visible improvement in water.
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    Im lost help. No visible improvement.

    I'm just having a hard time understanding what the issue is. My levels were good and over the last few days algae developed and now I've been slamming for two days. I add about 4 oz of cla hypo daily and it I has been fine the last 3 months. I shock weekly and check my ph twice a week at least...
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    Im lost help. No visible improvement.

    I am testing morning, noon, night. I tested around 5pm FC was at 7.5 I put 1.2 gallons of liquid chlorine to bring it up to 12ppm according to pool math. I just checked it rn at midnight its at 21ppm.
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    Im lost help. No visible improvement.

    I haven't used anything but chlorine up until last night which I used a puck trichlor clorox extra blue. City water no algecides. As of right now using a Taylor K -2006-C TA- 160 PH -7.4 FC -18 CC -1 CH - 370 I think this is the problem guessing it's the use of my calhypo chlorine? Zappit 73...
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    Im lost help. No visible improvement.

    I've been slamming for 2 days and have seen no visible improvement of my water. Algae is still present, filter has been running. If anything the green is darker. When I started I dropped the PH to 7.4 and started the SLAM, and have been keeping up the chlorine volume to 16ppm. I ha e been using...
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    WE HAVE A WINNER! TFP Pool of the Month (May 2022); Theme - Family Fun

    Kid's Birthday Party April 26th 2022.
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    Need SLAM help, please!!

    I will tell what I did after I gave up after chlorine shortages in my area around October of last year 2021. I hadn't run my pool at all since then. Started up again in mid March 2022. Used my leaf rake took it to the bottom and raked for about 2 hours. Must have taken out 30 full loads of...
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    Green algae taken over.

    Ok thanks. I'll keep at it.
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    Green algae taken over.

    Hello everyone, I was dealing with black algae for over a month and finally got rid of it. My pool was balanced and doing great them out of no where green algae took over. I checked the levels added full bottle of MA and did a SLAM waited 24 hours and it was worse. My PH is reading 8.6 and I...
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    Churning water in pump basket

    Update: I put plastic wrap around the rubber coupling and it stayed the same. I opened up the pump lid readjusted and secured no change. If anything I think the bubbles coming out the jets are worse. When I open the pressure release valve above the filter it fills back up in less than a second...
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    Churning water in pump basket

    I tried adding in signature earlier and it just gave me an error. Pool is 26k gallons, chlorine, I just bought it, and the test kit is about a year old