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    New build in the Nashville area

    Plumbing codes passed yesterday. Looks like they are getting ready to do some electrical conduit.
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    Build Progress South Georgia - Shotcrete! (Finally)

    Looks great. Doesn't look like you hit rock while you were digging. Very nice.
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    New build in the Nashville area

    Working on the tanning ledge and steps into the pool. I think plumbing will be next week.
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    New build in the Nashville area

    Today the PB put concrete on the outside base of the walls. I guess plumbing is next.
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    New build in the Nashville area

    Yes, the walls are high. The plan is to use the existing dirt, and maybe more, to feather out the height difference. I was a bit worried about it until the PB came out with some string and showed us what the angles would be, where the concrete would be, etc and now we feel much better about...
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    New build in the Nashville area

    Walls are going up.
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    New build in the Nashville area

    @bmoreswim Thanks for your reply. I appreciate your thoughts and I agree with you, 18' would have probably fixed that feeling of it being small. Nonetheless, I know it is a large pool and when we stand on the far end the pool looks massive. I am getting less concerned about the elevation...
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    New build in the Nashville area

    I am concerned the pool walls are too high. We hit lots of rock and we want a 4-foot base and an 8.5 deep in. the PB mentioned that since we hit so much rock, we are gonna raise the walls about a foot, and use the door from the dig to smooth out around the pool so there is no sloop. I am...
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    New Build Northwest Arkansas Area

    Sorry that the rain canceled it for you. I live in Nashville and they had to pump out the water in the hole of my pool for 2 hours because of all of that rain on Saturday night.
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    New Build Northwest Arkansas Area

    Did you not hit any rock? Jealous.
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    Pool Build Time - Just wondering

    My PB told us it should take about 45ish days.
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    How long is it really taking?

    Signed a contract in Dec 2020. PB told me we would start in June. The pool walls caused a delay and we started at the end of July.