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    Plumbing Concerns with New Pool+Spa Build

    Personally, I would never be ok with flexible tubing. More likely to crush, not as good for long term. Might not be your biggest concern as others have pointed out.
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    Need Equipment Review (link to old thread included)

    I'm seeing double charges. The control system with the intellichlor includes everything. the transformer and the cell. they should not be additional. Not sure why you need the call time. What you can't figure out in the manual, you can get answered here.
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    New coping question

    I would ask PB if the grout was sealed. I think what you see is where the sealer is giving it a wet look. You might put a little sealer on an inconspicuous place on the coping to see if it does the same thing. If so, maybe just seal all the coping so it becomes uniform. I really doubt that...
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    New coping question

    Assuming you are looking at the joints. Does it dry out or always look like that? If it is consistently like that, I am wondering if they sealed the joints but not the entire coping,
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    Pool Speakers and Projectors

    There was a recent thread related to a low voltage amp to drive decent quality speakers in a cabana I believe. Have you thought about budget? Could you just re-wire existing speakers and relocate them from a less needed outdoor zone? I did two sets of outdoor Klipsch speakers and an outdoor...
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    New Pool Owner – Birmingham, AL

    Beautiful! ... and one of the best intro's I've seen!
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    New owner with pool readings. Help me figure out what to tackle first.

    Since you are bringing down the pH anyway, you might gain some stability out of it by targeting 7.2 when you do your MA additions. Over time this will bring down your TA helping to buffer your pH rise going forward. My TA has settled around 60, and my pH stays very stable just over 7.5 with...
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    We Have a Winner! - TFP Pool of the Month (August 2022); Theme - Decking

    Sandblasted Marble Coping with Travertine Decking 3/2021 ... Also pictured artificial grass, and to the left granite (that cost me an extra $6k since it was a vein of it in the dig site) and River Rock.
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    Pool closing in Atlanta, GA

    Maddie covers the topic pretty well. I am in Charlotte, and have only been through 1 winter, but it was easy to just leave it open. I did use a solar blanket to reduce debris. I roll it off to let the dogs swim, and run the pump at a higher speed to skim off the debris from the blanket and...
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    Hello from Ft. Worth

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    Cantilever Umbrellas and Wind

    +1 on the purple leaf that others have mentioned. I replaced a one year old $650 cantilever with weighted base with a $750 purple leaf 12x12 or 13x13 can't remember. I would rank it commercial strength. the base is a few inches off of my travertine. I dug a 2' deep hole, filled it with...
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    Black stains on ecofinish pool

    Are you using a robot on a fresh finish? If you can update your signature with all of your pool equipment it would be helpful for others.:)
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    First SLAM- chlorine really jumped

    Well, CYA at 50 is ok for a SLAM - but if you are passing all three criteria, then you might need to bring your CYA back up to 70 or so. You are going to have FC consumption during hot sunny days. That is why the OCLT is about overnight, not through the day. But when you talk about blowing...
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    Helping neighbor out with cloudy pool after big weekend

    Use the chart referred to earlier I believe, use the SWG chart if you have the salt level up and the SWG is working. Use pool math (with his model of SWG) and it should tell you what percent to set it at for the ppm you are losing daily. You should use the FAS/DPD CL test and use the 10ml sample.
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    Fiberglass install, feel like I'm getting priced up

    Almost wondering if the pool model helps determine your timeline. Could be that a customer backed out or had some other complications and a pool shell was already on its way or sitting in local storage. That might be the reason it is not being ordered and months out. Pricing does seem high to...