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    New Product: Hayward OmniPL HLBPLUS4W and HLBPRO4SW

    This seems to be a problem with builders not knowing what they are supposed to install, and Hayward not caring enough to educate their dealers or backup their product advertising. Hopefully you were at least able to get a discounted price on the replacement equipment. From your description it...
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    New Product: Hayward OmniPL HLBPLUS4W and HLBPRO4SW

    Right now it goes from the pool light into a junction box and from there it goes into the PL panel. I am not sure how it is wired into the PL, but can run down and take a pic in a few minutes.
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    New Product: Hayward OmniPL HLBPLUS4W and HLBPRO4SW

    Been gone for awhile with the big winter freeze and remodeling the house etc. What I have come to learn is that my builder installed the wrong (120v) lights and I don't get the proper functionality. PB is not answering calls at all or replying to emails, and Hayward says not their problem...
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    Hi - building a pool and I have some questions

    We went with quartz so we could have the color options similar to pebble finishes. Overall we are happy with it, but in the spa my wife does get some chaffing on the back of her legs because she is short her legs dont reach the floor. We considered pebble but we were worried that it might be too...
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    My New Pool in SCHERTZ, TX

    Very exciting! We were so happy to get some concrete to replace the mud our dogs were dragging into the house all the time!
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    Posting builder quotes?

    I had the same question and came to the conclusion that if the water is well balanced there will be no issue with Travertine. Most people say that the regular chlorine pool will have close to the same level of salt in it over time as as SWCG pool. We went with travertine, but it is too new to be...
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    Newbie building pool in Dallas - looking for insights

    I always see everyone say that, but I dive in my pool at 6 foot all the time. I even dive into my 3'6" end off of the raised spa with no problem.