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    Imagine Illusion 40 Complete 10/19/20

    It's beautiful!!! Can't wait to see more pics!
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    Iowa Vinyl Pool

    We had the option of letting them do the chems or us. I'm just having them do it all.
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    Iowa Vinyl Pool

    The anchors are already drilled in and the winter cover is in the garage.
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    Iowa Vinyl Pool

    Called the pool company about closing the pool. They said we need almost everything high. High TA, high calcium (it's not), high chlorine 3-4ppm. 3-4ppm is high??? 🤦‍♀️ We need to learn how to open/close but just can't add that to our plate just yet. Hope next year.
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    Abandoned Pool Build, Trying to finish

    This is heartbreaking. I'm so sorry.
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    Iowa Vinyl Pool

    Not giving up on summer yet!
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    Iowa Vinyl Pool

    This may be the only time this kiddo cuddles me!
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    Iowa Vinyl Pool

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    Iowa Vinyl Pool

    Had a wonderful day at the pool with the kids! Also the firepit got done today. We love the slide, it's not nearly as loud as the deck jets!
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    Iowa Vinyl Pool

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    Iowa Vinyl Pool

    My husband found a snake skin behind the filter...