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    Pool Company Telling me to connect Motor to 240 Volts for Longevity

    some pumps can take either 120 or 230 take a picture of the spec plate on the pump
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    Complete DIY concrete pool

    wow very impressive and cool
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    Pool store ripped off a neighbor

    the testing is a free way to get suckers in the store, if you do your own testing then you come in less and its harder to lie to you
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    Slight PVC Leak; JB WaterWeld?

    it might be easier to just replace the fitting with a PVC or brass one and wrap it in Teflon tape when you reinstall
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    Will the Industry Ever Change CYA/FC Parameters?

    follow the $ Pool stores depend on the traffic the chemicals and testing generate they make zero $ from people using SWG or Walmart chlorine
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    Salt is HIGH!!!!

    unless you dumped in ~500 lbs of salt that is unlikely to be accurate ( didnt actually do the pool math but it would be a LOT ) ok i couldnt stand it - pool math says to raise my pool to 8600 would take 914 more lbs of salt ...
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    I'm a failure for father's day

    did your son get all the debris off the bottom ? If not it will take a truckload of chlorine and a million cartridge cleanings to get the water clear .... /sarcasm off
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    Question about High CYA levels

    speedstir helps but you can start without it. The stir keeps the colors and mixing consistent ... and its fun
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    New Build in north DFW - Deck slop question

    concrete will set under water
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    Online links try to open in tapatalk,

    Tapatalk... Dont get me started...
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    How to help people without sounding like a know-it-all??

    Its not just pools, its people, some are hard to convert to a proven better way. I would encourage him to read the site, or read the manual for the SWG. But at the end of the day pool companies depend on customers like him for the weekly maintenance income. Ive found it is really VERY easy...
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    Step by step instructions to hard plumb?

    you wanted step by step for a general question. you will need fittings for each end straight pipe between them and likely a 90 to connect them, some method to cut the pipe to length, PVC glue and PVC cleaner. added youtube link
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    Step by step instructions to hard plumb?

    pictures and details will help. PVC is generally really easy to work with and inexpensive
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    What order to do what? Any help appreciated

    the bleach is being consumed by the green in the water.
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    Switching to Salt - Nature2 Soft or AquaPure? Also question about comment from PB.

    I would stop trusting Puryear. They do what makes sense for them. ... But that's just MY experience. I didn't realize they were in south texas as well. We have aquapure and it works just fine. Not installed or maintained by Puryear.