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    What new pump do I need??

    JawJa, I'm on my fourth pool and fully relate to the "new-to-pools" feeling/situation. I found this site many years ago (actually its predecessor I believe) when on my first pool in Illinois. The site has been a godsend for so many issues: plumbing, sizing, chemistry control, chemistry problem...
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    Not producing Chlorine. Read related posts. Can't figure it out. Please help!

    Would help to see other pool chemistry test results. But, what does your SWG manufacturer recommend for salt concentration? 2800 ppm (if accurate) would be low and your SWG may not be making any chlorine as a result. As an example, for my IC 40, if salt is at 2600ppm or less, it won't make...
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    water flow to create chlorine

    Great comments by Jimrahbe. I have an almost identical system and run it pretty much the same way. In addition to an almost constant addition of chlorine by running the system essentially constantly, another benefit of running the system 24/7, or in my case 18/7, is that the system is always...
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    Seriously thinking about SWCG

    Andy, good comments above. Without doing a significant amount of re-plumbing, I would remove the current chlorinator (dispenser), but agree with above comment if even that gives you enough room. Not sure why you want to keep the dispenser anyway. One of the beauties of a SWG is that you don't...
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    Easytouch Wireless Controller NO COMM

    I know this is an old forum thread, but what was your final solution or fix? I have exactly the same symptoms: power led is lit on the trans board and the 485 and RF leds occasionally flash; Main panel will show "sending" wireless address but remote shows "address lock" and the two never sync...
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    Pros and cons of SWG

    Thanks for clarifying that Chem Geek. If I go lower on TA than the TFP recommended, about how much lower; and, about how much higher CH level to compensate? I keep the pH in the 7.5 to 7.8 range, usually 7.8. I don't mind the muriatic acid additions, it's just a lot more than I was used to in...
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    Pros and cons of SWG

    Agree with the above "pro's and con's" - for me, peace of mind when going away for several days is a big plus. In the past with non-SWG pools, I either had to have a pool service take care of it, or a very good neighbor, even if it was only throwing a couple of pucks in the skimmer. Now, can...
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    Intellichlor IC-40 salt level rising

    Yes, interesting bit on the effect of fill water. I generally have the opposite problem here in FL. I periodically have to drain after large thunderstorms and/or tropical storms. This dilutes chemical concentrations over time and I end up having to add both salt and CYA. I think I like my...
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    Newbie with an SWG - 2nd day - question on where to set percentages

    Welcome to the wonderful world of pools and their care! As you see, there a lot of variables involved in getting to your desired stable state. I've found that removing/stabilizing as many of the variables as possible to be a good approach. So, use Pool Math calculator to determine how much...
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    Pentair Intellichlor At End of Life?

    My IC is way at the beginning of life, so can't help with end-of-life indications. But, the IC has a low flow cutoff - if your flow drops below that, it stops working, but, I believe you would/should still some lights on it
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    Economics of Saltwater Chlorine Generators

    I think the original post was excellent to get a good feel for the "economics" of SWG but also demonstrate that there is an advantage to spend a little more up front to "oversize" the SWG. I went with an IC 40 for a 15K pool, and certainly could have gone with the IC 60, despite my pool...
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    How much for monthly service?

    The cost of "pool service" varies a lot based on actual services rendered and local market - in Florida we paid $150 a month for pretty complete pool care (weekly brushing, vacuuming, chems) - there were other cheaper ones (down to $99/month) but since we weren't in residence all of the time we...
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    Sand Filter Gauge Replacement

    ditto - and a nice gauge to boot
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    Hot tub water level dropping (hot tub + pool connected)

    Would also help if you could describe any elevation differences between pool equipment, spa and main pool - if the spa is higher than the main pool, you could be seeing a siphon effect if all the equipment valves aren't internally "tight"
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    Poolproof hexaborate and mule 20 borax

    I've found that new plaster can really drive pH up quickly - mine is 1+ month old and I add 2-3 cups of MA every couple of days now but pH "bounced" around a lot for the first few weeks