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    Advice on switching to SWCG

    Once you get through the learning curve of the SWG , you wont ever go back.. I have a sparking pool all year!! With very little maintaining. Only need to add Acid and Salt and Stablizer. That’s it. And not very often. and the water fells really nice, no burned eyes.
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    Help Installing SWG!

    Take a look at the Circupool universal 40, I replaced my 8 year old RJ60 with it. Nice unit looks simular to the Hayward. Man does this thing make chlorine, I had to turn it way down. And I got it for 799.00
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    Looking for help with this diving board .

    Any idea what schedule pipe I should use ?
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    Looking for help with this diving board .

    Yea the black pipe rusted out in 5 years. Any idea what schedule pipe I should use ?
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    Looking for help with this diving board .

    I have a 1983 Anthony diving board stand, replaced the board a few years ago. The pipe support pictured was shot so I replaced it but the only pipe I could find was iron gas pipe at the Home Depot, now the salt has ruined it. Also when I replaces the original pipe I had to bust the tile on the...
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    Old Anthony light replacement

    I have a original Anthony light in my spa , it’s the copper one. Does anybody know of a replacement that will fit. I replaced the same kind in the pool with a new Pentair Light, But It looks like the spa might not have enough room for the adapter ring I used in the pool. Thanks for any info..
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    Spa blower info needed

    Turned out I had too big a blower for 7 jets. So I ordered a 1 1/2 hp . Silencer we shall see.
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    Spa blower info needed

    Don’t know about the loop ? Unless it’s underground. No check valve . The blowers do good for about a year and a half but seem to fail in July , August in the second year. The foam underneath the unit had the glue melt and they came loose so I removed them. Wondering if that was restricting air...
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    Spa blower info needed

    So if the blower motor is to big it can cause overheating ?
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    Spa blower info needed

    I have a in ground spa and have been buying the Polaris 2 HP blowers , have Gone through 3 in 6 years . Anyone know of a better (Longer Lasting Brand ) I have 120 Volt power for the blower. Don’t want to but another Polaris.. Thanks...
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    Outdoor speaker setups

    I use a older Yamaha receiver that lets me run 4 Yamaha outdoor speakers , I also put a small Google mini outside . The receiver has a Google chromecast on it to give me wi-fi. I use the mini speaker voice commands to control Spotify. Works well, The Yamaha outdoor speakers are a real bargain...
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    CircuPool SJ-40 Issues - Can't "see" it working anymore?

    Yea check your cell connections, and if that don’t work use your warranty. DSP is really Awesome to deal with. Great customer service nice folks..
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    Circupool RJ

    I have had my RJ 60 mounted here for 8 Years no problems...
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    Now wonder this salt turns my pool yellow

    I found some Morton's at Walmart, the Clorox is everywhere!!
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    Clorox salt?