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    2017 Bleach Prices

    Menards sale ad that starts tomorrow (7-2-17 through 7-15-17) shows chlorine on sale for 1.77 per gallon of 12.5%. My local store has it on sale starting today and showed the sale price online so check and your specific store before going. Picked up 2 cases of the freshest I could...
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    Help with pool part identity, where to purchase if available (specialty washer)

    Put the pool wall up on an AGP we get for free. Besides some nuts and bolts that were broken or rusty which are easy to replace, I'm in need of a few of these specialty washers for joining the pool wall to the stainless steel panel. It's a flat washer but has a punched out or cone shaped...
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    Boron sodium oxide (B4Na2O7), pentahydrate ?

    Someone is getting close to being sold on this omni Synergy box pool care system, and not wanting the pool store to win I looked into it so I could explain it to the poor soul.. .. I have never heard about it so when I looked it up here, and on google I see it's just a "pool care" in a box...
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    2016 bleach prices

    maybe around 10 to 12 cases (4 per case) would be pretty close. I think I got 16 cases for my 24' and had extra my first time. Problem is the older your stash becomes, the weaker it gets (lesson I learned when I got the 16 cases). Unless it's some awesome sale that won't be repeated, your...
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    2016 bleach prices

    Starting 5-1-16 through 5-15-16 Menard's will be having their BOGO chlorine sale. Buy 1 at 3.99, get 1 free, or .125 per fl. oz
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    Chlorine Smell in Salt Water Pool

    The chlorine smell is produced by the chlorine doing its job. If this chlorine smell was noticed after the pool was getting a lot of use that could be expected as it's oxidizing all the bather waste. If it's all the time, you could be battling algae and keeping enough chlorine to keep it...
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    Amount of bleach to maintain a 25000 g pool

    Seeing your in Ohio, and if you have a Menards either on your daily commute or near your home, we can use their 12.5% liquid chlorine as your cheapest option. On sale multiple times a year for around $1.98 per gallon and you likely could get by with half gallon a day, and extra additions only...
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    Article about pool chemistry safety

    If you search the name of the park, I found some other news stories that says it was a small amount of concentrated chlorine was added. It goes on to describe the misshap as an employee shut down some equipment but not the chlorine injection and when the equipment was powered back on everyrhing...
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    Article about pool chemistry safety

    Pretty bad article, but what do you really expect from yahoo parents written by a mother of two who "freelances, for publications including Parent & Child and In Touch?" Enough to make everyone fear for their family's well-being about every chlorinated pool without any actual info. No info...
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    Chemical Disposal Advice - CalHypo

    Put it in the free stuff on craigslist for someone else to use. I gave all my spare algecides and misc stuff, a box full away on craigslist.
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    Pool Keeps Getting a Little Algae

    Re-balancing a pool should be very quick and simple, like part of a day. PH is simple to balance, TA is simple to raise and doesn't really need to be lowered since it will get lowered any time you need to lower PH. If you want a better idea, you can post test results of your fill water PH, Ta...
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    New pool - bad choice - Baquacil

    I don't think there's anyway to get around changing the sand. The Baqua and chlorine mixing is just gonna goo it up from what I have read. Here are some useful quotes (both by Leebo) about sand filters and Baqua conversions. - - - Updated - - - Here is a very good thread if you want to...
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    CYA to high

    HTH makes a 6 way test kit that does test for CYA. Just doesn't have the FAS-dpd test.
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    CYA to high

    You should try an extended test, you may very well be over 100. mix 50% pool water with 50% tap water, mix it and use that as your "pool water sample" and double the results, then report back. I think the CYA test is supposed to be done outside during the daytime sunlight hours. If your pool...
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    chlorine level high

    Good luck with your fight about which way to maintain the pool 1.) Draining half your pool would get you down to 40, you could likely get by with a 25% drain that would get you down to 60. 2.) Regardless of what CYa you aim for, your day to day chlorine usage would not be a lot like you may be...