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    Best method to locate, fix suction side leak

    I'm having the exact same issue, just different equipment. And like you, this air problem followed to a brand new pump this year. It's pretty much impossible that it could be coming for a leak in the pipe under ground, right? I assume we would notice a wet spot in the yard somewhere?
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    DE Blowing in to Pool

    Hayward 60 sf DE filter, Hayward 7 position multi-port valve, 1HP motor, vinyl liner. After opening this year and my first backwash, I clearly saw clouds of DE blowing in to the pool from the returns. I suspected my old multi-port valve probably had a bad gasket; I had replaced it a couple...
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    Another Humming Question

    I've spent some time searching posts, but still have a vexing humming question - By the way it's a 1HP Emerson 1 speed motor, part of a Hayward Super Pump. Couple weeks ago motor was humming; the capacitor tested bad, replaced, pump worked. A few days later I noticed pump wasn't coming on -...
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    Is anyone else in the closet?

    To try to explain BBB in the middle of a soccer game to someone who is isn't really ready to hear it anyways is just a waste of both persons time! Since it's kind of hard to explain everything, I usually just try to boil my advice down to: - Pool chemicals can be very expensive and troublesome...
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    solar cover - major PIA?

    Yes the covers are cumbersome, but I've found in the beginning and end of the season, it's a big help keeping the water a few degrees warmer. Our cover looks similar to yours, shape and size, and my wife is able to roll it up and unroll it. I noticed that yours has wheels on the bottom, and...
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    Shocking pool causes CLEAR GREEN TINTED WATER

    I had one other thought, sometimes powdered shock contains copper, if you used powdered shock when you were cleaning up the algae. Either way, sequestrant should help. So how did the pool party go? What did the guests say about swimming in the green water?
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    New Guy..

    Thanks for the laugh on a Monday morning! That's how I got to this site too. Welcome, and best of luck on your journey.
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    Potential new pool owner

    I highly encourage you to do it yourself. It will be an adventure and a big learning experience with how your pool reacts, the equipment, and the test kit. You'll gain first hand knowledge of your pool very early, and it will be a big confidence boost. Plus, "swamp" threads are always very...
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    Holy O-Ring, Batman - Hayward DE filter O-Rings

    If you click to order that o-ring part, it says: REPLACED BY DEX2421JKIT, KIT CONTAINS O-RING, CLAMP, HARDWARE, AND LABEL. However, it still lets you add the o-ring to your basket, but at least when I did it it says "Currently Unavailable".
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    Electric_Part II

    Just a related note for you, while you're doing the electric now and digging the ground, plan for the potential for a heater down the road. In my case, our equipment is 60+ feet from the main breaker, and the original electric was sized only for the pumps. If we want to add a heater...
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    Holy O-Ring, Batman - Hayward DE filter O-Rings

    Well, as a Hayward customer with a relatively young (2 years) filter in this category, I would be quite frustrated if I go in next summer to buy a new o-ring, and am told I have to buy the entire clamp assembly. Because, and I haven't checked the numbers, but the clamp assembly is like $150...
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    Taz vs. Pool Store Test

    Wow, again reminds me to be thankful for this site and a good test kit. Were they recommending that you buy $100 worth of "PH DOWN"? Or did they scold you for having your FC too high??? I can't imagine how much that would have messed things up if you hadn't been troublefreepool'd. Steve
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    Pump pressure increasing rapidly

    I agree I think it's time to open the filter and do a thorough cleaning of the grids, even soak it. Then you'll be back to long periods between backwashes. Good luck!
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    I think you can go ahead and stock on up bleach while you're waiting for the new pump. Please read this article and you'll be ready to turn the water back to blue. You are going to be so much happier collecting your own test results...
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    Dealing with algae for the first time

    According to the Chlorine/CYA chart, for a CYA of 60 your FC range should be min. 5, target of 7, so that's probably why you got algae. You didn't mention what you use for a source of chlorine and what you are using for shock, and what test kit you have? I think once the algae is dead, it's...