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    CPO Course

    I am not sure where the best place for this question is... I have had a pool at home since 2004 and have been doing BBB since 2006. Although I don't consider myself an expert, I am comfortable explaining BBB to others as well as other pool chemistry questions. Several months ago I accepted a...
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    Vacs for Above ground pool what do you have

    Originally had an Aqua didn't do a very good job. Next I bought a Lil Shark. It works well when I use the suction cleaner. I also bought a leaf trap to put inline with it. The beginning of last season, I bought a Pool Rover Jr. I Love the robot. It cleans so much better than the...
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    Swimming in Green/Cloudy Water

    We used a fitness ball. It was blown up 3 winters ago and remains full of air.
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    cracks under liner

    I have what I believe are mole trails under my AGP. They showed up 4-5 years ago. Other than dirt settling in the ditches, we have had no issues. My robot takes care of the dirt. I haven't noticed any new ditches with the cracks this year - we are in NW Missouri, so not far from you.
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    Kids in the pool

    FYI - people can drown in less than 60 seconds. With that said, a friend and I swam without adults present from about 8 yrs old on.
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    Kids in the pool

    All interesting perspectives. I agree with the never alone rule - that is one I teach in my lessons. This is the first year that they are allowed to get in before an adult, but only if they ask first. I guess I will know when the time is right for being out there without an adult, but it...
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    Kids in the pool

    While soaking up Vitamin D yesterday, I started thinking about what age would be appropriate for the kids to be in the pool without a parent/responsible adult out there too. I know that this is highly subjective based on each kid, but what age did you (with older kids) think it was OK? For...
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    Toy storage on AGP deck

    I like this idea, but we just take all the toys indoors when we are done each day. It is a pain, but the toys have lasted for 6 years without getting destroyed by the sun. All my friends with pools have to replace all their toys every 1-2 years because of the sun.
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    Swimming in Green/Cloudy Water

    I am in NW MO. We left the cover off one year because we thought the same thing you did - too much work cleaning off the cover and then dropping a bunch of leaves and dirty water in the pool. NEVER again. After that year I found this I...
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    Solid wood cover for winter

    I use a mesh cover and a homemade version of this: It helps prevent so many leaves on top of the cover. I have 2 large maple trees that shade my pool and many other trees around it.
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    Solar Heater Performance??

    I have a similar setup except we are not hard plumbed and have a regular AGP. My solar heaters are lying on the ground on the east side of my pool. My pool was 102 when we got home at 4:40pm today. The solar blanket is staying off tonight. I have 100% of the water going through the panels...
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    Big Dent in bottom of pool

    I have what I think are mole trails under my liner. I first noticed them 5 years ago. There are a lot of trails, but I have not noticed any liner damage.
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    Pool Fencing / ladder, gate

    Keep in mind that with fencing like that it is nearly impossible to manually vacuum or brush the pool.
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    Winter cover for Above Ground pool

    I usually shop around and buy the one that is the least expensive. Lately I have found items on to be less expensive than almost anywhere. Sometimes the items are even shipped directly from a store that had a higher price to shop directly from.
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    No drain holes in solar cover?

    I've not had one with holes. I have never had mine sink - even with 4 inches of rain one night. I can see where the holes might let the small amounts of water on top drain out when rolling it up, but it doesn't seem like a big deal to me.