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    Sand and Dirt At Bottom of Pool

    "To make matters worse, when it rains, the dirt just flows from the roof into the pool." In so far as I say, the roof drainage must be redirected. I get monsoons and I do not allow the roof drain into my pool, to many additional issues if it does.
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    Time for A New Filter?

    My Triton II sand filter started to "bleed" water from the tank after 18ish years but I live in the desert. Are the slide valve O rings need to be replaced? I can't answer some off the input questions but thought I would bump it.
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    Sta-Rite Filter / Bleeder leaking

    I got tired of dinking with mine over time. Off to Home Depot with the parts and built this from brass pipe fittings.
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    Skimmer parts assitance

    No, there is no port on the bottom. I thought it supposed to have an O ring on it tho. thus my questions. Sounds like all I need to do is adjust the diverter valve and claim success. Thanks!
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    Skimmer parts assitance

    I hate it when I learn things on this site... There are no O rings on the skimmer equalizer. There is no flap on it either. I am pretty sure that that is a Pentair 506160 equalizer (most of my hardware is pentair), which I intend to replace the equalizer if I am correct on the part number. I...
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    Can the ends of a Vacuum hose be replaced or do you need to replace the entire hose?

    I cut the ends off and screwed on the new pool vacuum hose cuffs
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    Rant: Missing Bleeder O-Ring

    Yup, I got tired of driving around to find the needed O ring. Bought one of this and found I could use it for other projects.
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    Water Clarity/Sand Filter Help

    As a side note. I just broke a lateral (stupidly) and decided to replace the sand since it is all coming out anway. Depot, Lowes and some Ace products are carrying Pool Filter Sand. The bags had no real information on them other than they are pool sand. I went to their web site and I noticed...
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    Triton II TR60

    Thanks. that is where I am leaning now.
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    Triton II TR60

    Short Story: I think I have a broken lateral line(s). Long story: Cleaning out the 8 million mesquite leaves today. Vacuumed, empty the Caretaker bag, clean the 5 port screen. Everything was fine. 5 port screen filled again so I cleaned the screen and back washed again. Almost immediately...