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    Pebble Tec additive bags (abalone and glass) - how heavy?

    Has anyone gotten their pools plastered with the jade glass. Curious to see the water color. I’m still waiting on plaster. Too many delays. Thanks.
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    Sugar Land TX, New Pool Build - looking for suggestions

    Here’s a better pic of the bypass. I will ask the PB about this.
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    Sugar Land TX, New Pool Build - looking for suggestions

    Thank you. I believe all the valves are Hayward brand I didn’t see and jandy boxes when they delivered the equipment. Do you think they left enough space for the swcg?
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    New Pool in Houston, TX

    Congrats on your completion. It looks great.
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    Sugar Land TX, New Pool Build - looking for suggestions

    Equipment set completed last week. I have a lighted bubbler in the sun shelf and 2 lighted laminars. I asked the plumber to install the heater bypass and leave space for future SWCG. PB charged me $300 extra for the heater bypass.
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