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    Let's See Your Test Kit!

    If you cut the the little piece of foam in half, it will make your DPD powder bottle sit up higher. Also, the SpeedStir will fit standing up in that space you have it now. This gives you some more room for accessories, like the 10mL/25mL SampleSizer, which also fits standing up.
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    I hope someone reads this

    Yep, typical install. Skip to 32:05 to see the install of the bonding plate.
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    Jandy Valve Configuration

    Thanks. Alternatively, I could also just install two of the Jandy 2-port valves. I will probably just wait until these eventually break.
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    Jandy Valve Configuration

    I want to replace my 2 PVC ball valves I have for my water features with a Handy 3-port valve. I have never installed one of these valves. Can they be configured to allow the inlet port as shown to turn off (i.e. being able to rotate the valve all the way to the off position? I know I can...
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    no-see-ums-screen-effect-on-water-temp part 2 in FLORIDA mainly but other areas input are welcome also.

    I have a screen and my temp has been 88-89 for the past week (no heater on). Looking at some other temps of the other members in Florida, it looks like the screen drops the temp a couple of degrees.
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    40 Foot pool & S200

    Go here: Robotic Pool Cleaners - Maytronics Residential And look at the various comparison sheets they have. Here is the one for the residential line:
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    40 Foot pool & S200

    Sounds like the 65' will work.
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    40 Foot pool & S200

    The S200 is great for cleaning (I have the Pentair version). It picks up all the little stuff I don't see. However, I wish I would have gotten the S300 for the programming of schedules and the cart.
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    Using rain water from roof for pool

    What is your roofing material? Shingles, metal, or tile? I know there is some concern with contaminants in roofing materials when people use the runoff for vegetable gardens. Usually, they let the water settle in barrels before using. Also, you may want to test the rain water runoff before...
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    40 Foot pool & S200

    The S200 has a 60' cord. If that is your pool in the pic and the receptacle is on the end of the house, it looks like it may work. Can you point out where in the picture the receptacle is? Also, based on where you are plugging the unit in, make a 60 ft. string/cord to mockup the cord on the...
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    What's happening with my pump? Making more noise every day.

    Hello. Welcome! That sounds like the bearings starting to go bad. Ask your landlord to fix because your neighbors are complaining about the noise.
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    almost 3 year old hayward pump dead?

    How low? Polarity does not matter on an AC capacitor.
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    almost 3 year old hayward pump dead?

    1. Verify you have correct voltage at the motor. 240V or 120V depending on how your motor is set up. 2. Verify the replacement capacitor is good. Check the uF with a meter that can read capacitance. Value should be real close to the value stamped on the side. Discharge the cap first! If...
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    New Owner Build in FL near Orlando

    Down the drain.