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    Running pool equipment year round in winter / keeping small in ground pool open all year in Ohio

    Last year we hit -50 windchill, -35 actual and a total of 60 in of snow, that could happen anywhere that usually has harsh winters. For me that would be equipment suicide ?
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    Normal or Abnormal Evaporation

    Just for comparison, temps here have been 90, I have not covered in a couple weeks, humidity in the 70's %, maybe lose 1/4" a day, no shade on water at all and we are in the windiest location for our county, highest elevation. Should be easy to find the problem area, plumbing or liner. See how...
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    Painted my above ground pool and like the results!

    really nice, Looks like everyone is having a blast. I would be like the guy in the shades at the table and thinking, You all better pick up after yourself!
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    Electrical question

    Just that the 1st thing I noticed was the 2 jumper wire locations, seeming as they were needed for all configurations and done 1st before any other wiring was done, as though the first diagram was not correct and accidentally omitted the second jumper in diagram.I guess I am looking at it from a...
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    Electrical question

    Thanks for the breakdown SgtWilko, I have it working fine and a good wifi signal , now just to see how this style of timer holds up to the mechanical version. as far as that small section of paper about the jumpers that was bundled with the wires, seemed like it was a late update ( addendum) to...
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    Probably will be used once...

    +1, created a monster and now have to feed it
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    Heater for above ground pool?

    If going for a heat pump, check into the Gulfstream, I don't remember the vendor right now, but they are in Florida and excellent to work with.
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    Best pool maintenance kit

    Other than a pole with brush and a leaf net, if no trees maybe get by with a pool blaster. If you get leaves and types of dirt and willing to spend in the $300 range or up , skip the labor intensive vacuum hose route and go with a robot cleaner.
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    Electrical question

    I did read about that this afternoon, makes sense since the gauge thickness would tilt the mounting plate.
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    Electrical question

    Yes , N through the Intermatic
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    Electrical question

    I did find that page earlier but noticed no jumper wires so that threw me off again. Thanks
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    Electrical question

    Thanks so much for that info, I did notice on the 240VAC diagram how the jumper was used which conflicted to me about the 120 set up, searching for diagrams on the net for this timer I found a 3rd version wire set up for a single 120 application direct from Woods which really stopped me from...
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    Electrical question

    So going back to the wion / woods WIFI timer, looking at the wiring instructions , I am confused on what it is showing, the timer came with a black and white set of jumper wires for the clock portion and it shows where to connect for a single load 120v as stated on piece of paper packaged with...
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