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    Gunite Question

    What's the problem you see? I see concrete that isn't cured fully but has plenty of moisture for the hydration process. Scott
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    DIY rebar and prep for adding a hot-tub to exising pool.

    That would not be a good idea for a DIY project. That involves a number of expert skill sets. Not only is there demo to the wall, there is the rebar setting, re-doing the bonding system, gunite shooting, re-plumbing, and re-plastering/tiling the whole pool. Without the decking, your looking at...
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    skimmer closing

    If not using gizmos or blow through extensions for the skimmers, but rather, are using a large jug, it should have as much or more "give" than the water expansion when it turns to ice. This "give" will absorb any pressure exerted by the expansion and prevent it from cracking the skimmer body...
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    White scale in fiberglass pool

    Re: White scale in fibreglass pool When a F/G shell is limed up (calcium scale) like the one in the picture, it didn't get that way quickly and nor will the cure. It formed because calcium got in the pool and CSI was positive for a lengthy period of time. If you have a heater, its best to take...
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    So many emoticons to choose from. Missed ya! Scott
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    Proper Plumbing of Pump Inputs and Valves

    The booster will push a 280, 380, 3900, Kreepy Krawley (Pentair owned) Legend, an Hayward's Viper and Phantom cleaners. Anthony and Sylvan may still have the skimmer insert that will allow manual vacuuming. This adapter blocks the drain's port just below the skimmer's bottom, in the line...
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    teledyne laars mark v does not fire up

    That orange flame is the key. It should be blue and stronger. My first expectation would be the pilot jet is clogged with corrosion. The blue flame is hotter, making the pilot generator (your thermocouple) create a higher voltage. The current from this travels the safety circuit of temp limits...
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    Skimmer leaking

    Are you saying the the water stopped at that height? Scott
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    Possible Leak???

    A spa's blower is normally with the other pool equipment like the pump and filter, if it has one. A venturi is normally a vent just for letting air in and may or may not be closed all the way. It is usually by the seats. Spa jets typically have two loops of pipe connected and feeding to them...
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    Skimmer leaking

    Don't let it cure underwater. The GE silicone is a band aid. You liner isn't far from going in all likelihood so its an easy to remove fix. It should last through the Winter. I sort of like the idea of the aquarium tank cement for a potentially long lasting solution but removal after a couple...
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    New fiberglass pool is full of cracks... HELP!

    Minor surface problems? I can see fiberglass in the crack on the third pic! Common? Maybe for his installs. It's certainly not that way for the hugely larger majority of installers and people that have shells put in. Lets call the 1st picture Spiderman. The second, Reflections because I see you...
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    Particles in the water seen only at night w pool lights on?

    Re: Particles in the water seen only at night w pool lights Don't run 24/7. The pH won't go up quite so much, the alk won't go so far down, and the chlorine demand will go down. From your CH readings, you had a lot of rain. Expect your pH needing to be higher as a result of the lower CH...
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    Possible Leak???

    My guess it's coming from the air loop. Is there a nearby open venturi or blower? Scott
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    crack in concrete & trim

    That depends on the drainage of the soil and the height of the water table. My concern is frost heaves. Your frost line is pretty deep. Water trapped there will freeze and thaw. This is the cycle that causes it. Scott
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    Return jets question.

    With the pressure that high, I would check the pressure gauge. I would have expected about 18 PSI when clean with your set up and a good gauge. Going to 1" eyes is also a good idea. Scott