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    Starting build - heater or no heater?

    We have a heater because we have a spa. That was a must have for us. We heat the spa at least once a month, and more often during the cooler months. We did heat the pool a couple of times in spring, at a cost of maybe $20 per time. The gas meter upgrade cost $350 and took maybe half an hour. All...
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    Freeform pool with moss rock water features – Cypress, Texas

    There are a few lots like that in my subdivision too, it drives me crazy to see them sitting empty with just boring grass and nothing else!
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    My unusual tile is installed :)

    I love that tile so much.
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    New IG build League City, TX

    It’s just an overflow drain like on a bathtub. The landscapers didn’t really do anything with it so we basically have a big puddle where it lets out right now but I’m going to remedy that next week. I’ve decided to also add some mini channel drains along one side of the patio where we got water...
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    New IG build League City, TX

    I was freaking out about this on Tuesday night, thankfully we are just north of the area that got 14”.
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    New (and first ever) Pool! Dallas, TX

    Also your pics make me wish I’d got blue granite now, I was so torn between than and blue smurf!
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    New (and first ever) Pool! Dallas, TX

    I recommend getting the ScreenLogic WiFi adapter kit installed so you can run it all from your phone. The guy who did my pool school charged me $80 to install it (plus the cost of the kit which was around $400). It’s way easier than trying to figure out that panel!
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    New pool build in Tampa Bay Area, Florida

    Looks awesome!
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    Yes really - another Houston pool!

    Here’s an alternate view of the screen that shows the function a little better.
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    Yes really - another Houston pool!

    Thanks everyone, we used a local landscaper to do it. Our PB gave us the idea but they don’t usually do this kind of deck so they couldn’t actually build it. The little rocks are loose but once they’re brushed into place they don’t move much. They’re like tiny legos so we have been trying to...
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    Yes really - another Houston pool!

    We finally had our landscaping and deck done last week!
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