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    Best Decking in AZ

    We went with salted concrete. I'm it will be hot but not as hot as pavers. There have been some builds on here that went with porcelain. A few have thought that there are some tiles that are cooler like Kool-Decking but I'm not sure which ones. You could probably do that over the pressed...
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    New OB build in La Quinta California - first time pool owner

    I really like the design. It is going to be a great looking back yard. I like the raised area behind the pool. Creates a nice separate for the outside dining area from the house. Just make sure you run an outlet or two back to that area. The equipment looks good. I didn't see anything that...
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    So it begins least you got started. I had to dig a 55' trench last weekend for our gas line. I bought a cheap jackhammer off of Amazon. Has already paid for itself many times over. It really does an amazing job. My back still hurts but it could hurt worse....
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    pooldv florida pool thread

    What a view!!! Looks great. What I would give to live right on the water like that..... You are going to enjoy that I'm sure. The bar area looks great. Seems like the house is really set-up for outdoor living. Nice work!
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    Fast Help with Start-Up

    So I cleaned the filters for the first time like it was recommended. They were a bit dirty but not too bad. The bigger filter tilts when it is sitting over the "hole" that it filter water from. The connection is OK but not super snug. Does that seem right for this type of filter?
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    Outdoor bathtub is all I need...maybe slightly bigger (Buckeye, AZ New Build)....

    Thanks!....and now I have to dig a 55' trench for the gas line to the fire pit. Glad I bought a jackhammer off amazon!
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    Outdoor bathtub is all I need...maybe slightly bigger (Buckeye, AZ New Build)....

    Pool equipment enclosure installed yesterday. I used my left over pergola alumawood to make the top. Overall I love it and has a nice storage area on one side for pool supplies. Should still have plenty of ventilation. My only worry is lifting that lid as I get older. Might have to put some...
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    Poolside plants, pool cover and fencing

    That is an amazing looking pool. One of my favorites already! I like that pools that look very natural like that. I'm hoping to grow plant around the water to give it that natural look as well. I would keep the plants cut back to be just out of the water. It shouldn't be a problem but no...
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    Freeform pool with moss rock water features – Cypress, Texas

    That is a lot of decking. Looks like they did a good job. Between the large water feature, pool, and spa, were you still able to just do one pump?
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    PB Pool School - it’s mine now!

    No PB pool school offered for mine. They wanted to take care of it for the first couple months for $600 but I declined. So far, with the great advise on this board, it really hasn't been bad at all. The testing seems to get faster and faster each time I do it. I also don't test everything...
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    Outdoor bathtub is all I need...maybe slightly bigger (Buckeye, AZ New Build)....

    I think I calculated CC wrong. I had a FC or 9 (PB dumped a bucket of something into the pool at startup and the pool smells of strong chlorine so I assume that was the white powder in the pool. I don't think I multiplied the .2 by the number of drops. I'm going to test again today and see...
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    Fast Help with Start-Up

    I'm planning on pulling the filters this Sunday after being aggressive with the brushing all weekend. Its off peak hours so I can run the pump on a clean speed and brush at least twice a day. Here are my initial readings... So first reading are done...hopefully correctly. I'm keeping notes...
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    Outdoor bathtub is all I need...maybe slightly bigger (Buckeye, AZ New Build)....

    So first reading are done...hopefully correctly. I'm keeping notes in a logbook for now on... FC: 9 CC: 18 PH: 7.8 TA: 100 CH 220 CYA: 90
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    Outdoor bathtub is all I need...maybe slightly bigger (Buckeye, AZ New Build)....

    Thanks Kim! I will do that this weekend. One of the "eyeballs" fell out of one of the returns. I put it back in but now I'm thinking that they were put in but the all just shoot straight into the pool without really giving them a direction. I plan to fix that this morning.
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    Fast Help with Start-Up

    I like that idea of labeling the valves! I will make sure that gets done the next time he comes out. I'm going to start using my vacuum brush this morning. I'll post my chemistry results to see what I need to do. Overall the water looks good...just so much plaster dust still.