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    Pentair MasterTemp 400 - leaking from Manifold

    OK, next question, nowhere has stock of the parts (either the basic kit 474200 or full set 77707-0016), most places are sating 'months' for new stock, I assume they're just drop-shipping from Pentair directly. Is there a way to repair the manifold? It's a tiny, hair-line crack, but I'm not sure...
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    Pentair MasterTemp 400 - leaking from Manifold

    Thanks, those are great videos; I didn't need to, but I ended up watching both of them all the way through, I wish I could find a pool guy like that! Our heater is only 2yrs old, so I'm hoping it's just the manifold assembly, but will pop a bolt or two out later to check that.
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    Pentair MasterTemp 400 - leaking from Manifold

    It was a bit nippy here in TX the last week, and now the ice has melted, I'm trying to determine the damage. Unfortunately we lost power in the middle of the night, so by the time I got to it, everything was frozen solid. The Flowcell is wrecked for sure (I don't care, it was never great) , but...
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    Intellichem Acid dosing not working

    Thanks, tried that, they're owed money, but apparently that's still not incentive enough. I've got this far, happy to continue, the more I understand it, the less dependent I am on unreliable suppliers, so I'm ok with that. Just looking for technical guidance :-)
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    Intellichem Acid dosing not working

    This is starting to drive my nuts, as it seems like I've tried every configuration, but I can't get the acid to dispense. The only thing I've not been able to rule out is the actual motor in the acid pump, but the wiring at least is ok, so I assume it's not at fault. Quick caveat: The pool is...
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    Jandy Aquapure - errors 125 & 194

    I've been getting these codes for a while now, and it's obvious that no chlorine is being generated even when it's set to to 100%. The cell is less than 2yrs old, it hardly has any scale, and the sensor is clean. There is a voltage at the cell pins (around 20v). The one thing that looks like...
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