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    fine mesh winter cover

    I have a mesh cover. It does not keep all debris out. Leaves and plants parts blow under and I usually get about 5lbs of dead worms come spring. With the rain and snow we get all winter, I still have to drain pool several times durung off season. I don’t think there is such a thing as...
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    submersible pump advice needed

    I have a similar pump,same circumstance with extension cord. Pool size a little smaller. My hydro tube is 6 feet deep, it takes me ( 50 ft garden hose) 4 to 5 hrs to drain it near full. Pool about 1 to 1 1/2 hrs to drain it 3 to 4 inches. I may have to do this 3 or 4 times during winter. I...
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    new house, green pool, too cold to swim

    Was the pool winterized? As in covered? filter put away or drained? The window for such things is closing fast. If still working and filtering it might be possible, but the fact the water is so cold algea isn’t producing so won’t get much worse till spring. I don’t think I would mess with it...
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    How to seal / patch cracks in pool deck

    I tried the low viscosity epoxy on the hair line cracks, it basically degraded over the first winter and one summer. I also used it around the chipping at anchors for winter cover and that held up very well, same length of time. I also had a pop of concrete the size of a tennis ball, used a...
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    Pool company not lowering water to close

    This is the first year I closed pool myself, I lowered water 1in below skimmer. The past two winters a company closed without lowering water. Each of those years I had to go out 3 or 4 times and drain water from pool, to prevent water from reaching coping. It gets old quick in 30 deg Temps and/...
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    waited too long...

    Weather here went down hill fast, water temp 51, I could have closed weeks ago. I decided to close it myself this year and ordered a cyclone from amazon due to arrive today. Luckily the leaves are very slow to change this year so very few leaves dropping yet. Nice temps for the next few days so...
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    Clearing trees from surrounding the pool

    I have only 3 trees near the pool within 15 ft, none overhanging. A few trees farther out, depending on wind speed and direction I get debris most of the summer. Bud, blossom pedals to leaves. Nothing in great quantities but enough to cause annoyance. I have plenty of pine trees (not very close...
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    Cyclone Blower Help

    Rick, read the winter closing thread. There is a link in there about a rework of the pump basket cover. It’s about adding a fitting to a cover that will accept a standard hose from the cyclone. Sounds like you have the same pump, same issue. This fitted cover seems to solve the problem.
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    What's your current pool temp?

    It was a beautiful sunny day here but air temps never got out of the 50s. Water temp 62. No improvement in weather so pool closing in a few days before leaves fall.
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    Winter Cover Air Problems?

    I haven’t had an AGP for years but it looks ok to me. if you get a lot of precipitation, the pool water level will rise and drain out skimmer. So don’t need to add water. If you get heavy wind, maybe some added weight to cover edges,( exp. sand filled bleach bottles ) attached to cover.
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    How to not open to a green pool

    This will be my third winter, mesh cover, no polyquat, chlorine only to slam level. I monitor water temp every couple of days for the magic number of 60 degrees. Calendar date is irrelevant. Close when it gets near 60. It will take weeks for chlorine to drift down and water will be in 40 to 50s...
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    Heater Questions

    A good amount of heat is lost at night, if you keep a solar cover on when not in use you will lose less heat overall.
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    A look into my crystal ball.......

    Your welcome, I like the new logo......
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    Thanks, I debated leaving it for this year. SWG is at a low setting and Grape, your right-sun sitting lower not as strong and this cloudy weather most days, I probably don’t need CYA of 80. Pat, I didn’t think of the lower slam next year. Good plan, Thanks again.
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    I haven’t tested complete set of tests for a month. Today I tested and CYA was down from 80 to 50. Had more rain than usual and drained a few times, maybe 2” in total. Weather has been cloudy, rainy, minimal exposer to sun for last month. Fc has been holding very well. My question is this...