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    Frozen Pool Pics 🥶

    Good idea on ditching the feeder too. On your other point, I checked on the fill pipe on my pool. It uses a floater like this, so I think I am OK and don't even need the backflow device or the cheap backflow valve. This rig appears to fill like a toilet. I need to take it apart to be sure...
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    Frozen Pool Pics 🥶

    Yeah, yeah point taken. Haven't bought pucks for about two years now! Still have a few left in a 50lb bucket that I have used to keep my CYA in check. I generally sanitize with liquid chlorine bought at Lowes or Home Depot. Thanks for the backflow article also. I have a cheapie backflow...
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    Frozen Pool Pics 🥶

    Well, the freeze is over and the damage is done. Here's how mine did amidst the cold temps: