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    High Phosphates - Nothing seems to work

    I have phosphates at 5600, just kept my Cl on the high side of Cl/CYA without a problem.
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    Turning on pool heater (Chicago area)

    I asked a similar question in May. Best way to heat pool with solar cover Heat will be lost without a solar cover.
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    Serious concerns with quality of concrete apron

    What stamped finish is that suppose to be? We had our stamped concrete sealed and it was very slippery! Contractor had to come back and add some gritty material to another coat of sealer.
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    Well I'm back and finally getting construction going. (update Sept 3 Finally done in time for fall)

    Looks Beautiiful! I think you will be very happy with the pool closer to the house!
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    UGH!!! My pool is infested ...

    I will be following all the great TFP advice above !!!
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    OB Northern California (Roseville) Rehab / buried

    I think I would be concerned about the power lines above.
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    Copper in water, advice needed

    @duraleigh , Thank you! Thank You! I was thinking the same thing, especially after rereading my pool results from store one which said I had NO TA. ( I tested at 60). Pool store# 2 NO copper ,and TA of 90. All other parameters matched my testing. I will believe store # 2, beside the heater...
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    Copper in water, advice needed

    Yes, I have read the above, one of the reason I was surprised with the 2.8 ppm when it states it is rarely from ground water. Since I haven’t put anything in the water,but acid and chlorine , I guess I have to think it’s from the heater. I have also read that copper could make the water cloudy...
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    Copper in water, advice needed

    I recently needed to added water from our well a few times in the last 2 weeks, so I took water to be tested At pool store. They said no iron ( which I was worried worried about )but that I have 2.8 ppm of Copper. They said I need to add a sequestering agent to keep the cooper in solution. I...
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    Impossible to change waterline tiles?

    I like the contrast , but understand it is not your vision.
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    Calcium testing issue

    @Richard320 ..that was it! Ca hardness is 400!
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    Calcium testing issue

    I’m sure I must have made a mistake testing/ adding Ca after a low reading. Now the test turns pink, but never blue after addition of R12. ( turns clear) Does that mean by Ca is off the charts? How do I proceed from here? Thanks in advance.
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    Best way to heat pool with solar cover

    OMG.. you read my thoughts... I was trying to figure out how much propane I would use!
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    Best way to heat pool with solar cover

    Great, thanks so much ! I will bookmark the math lesson for the future!