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    Hayward Aquarite SWG Control Box Repair

    A few years ago, my SWG stopped working. After some troubleshooting and a lot of reading up, I determined the thermistor had failed and needed to be replaced. I performed the repair myself and documented the process in a Facebook Page...
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    Power to Aqua-Rite Generator

    Bumping to the top for the 2015 Pool Season.
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    Aquarite - replaced varistor - now stopped again

    Perhaps your soldering skills were not up to par ? I would take the circuit board out and double check the soldering job, then the Inrush Current Limiter.
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    Power to Aqua-Rite Generator

    I documented my inrush current limiter replacement on this FB page.!/HaywardAquariteRepair
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    aquarite SWG trouble desoldering varistor from mother board.

    I documented my repair steps with photos on this FB page:!/HaywardAquariteRepair
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    First major problem with SWG

    Just in case your "generating" light stops completely, see this link:!/HaywardAquariteRepair It is a common problem with the Hayward system.
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    Aquarite Not generating - lights not on

    You're welcome Dirt_Dobber ! (that's my FB page showing the repair).
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    Aquarite Not generating - lights not on

    To the top just in case there are new members seeking the information. :)
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    Need advice regarding tan colored liner

    I hand a sand colored liner in my previous above ground pool, and loved it...the water was turquoise...just like seven mile beach in Grand Cayman !
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    Bonjour from Montreal !

    One of my High School friends is a "Lanoue" ! His name is Sylvain Lanoue.
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    How can i get rid of these stains? Please help.

    How old is te pool ? My 10 year old liner in my previous above ground pool ended up looking like that in places, it was on the underside of the liner.
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    How to remove concrete slurry from the bottom of my IG pool?

    Re: How to remove concrete slurry from the bottom of my IG p I would run the garden hose into the skimmer as you are vacuuming to waste, that will prevent the vac from sucking air thru the skimmer as your water level drops below the skimmer.
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    Aquarite Not generating - lights not on

    Re: Great Write up! Thanks !
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    Bonjour from Montreal !

    Hello to All. I am located just north and east of Montreal, Quebec. I have a "Trevi" salt water in-ground pool since 2010. I used to have a "Trevi" above ground pool since 2000 (at this house). Have been taking care of pools since I was 14 when my parent had one installed. Great site and...
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    Goldline AquaRite No Power LED - Current Limiter Fried

    I just did this repair on my unit. See the write-up and photos here:!/HaywardAquariteRepair :goodjob: