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    Planting on top of grotto

    Who has plants growing on top of their grotto? We are building fake rock and I might want some sort of greenery on top or maybe the sides. I live in the desert and the heat is brutal and I'm not sure what my options are. We haven't built the grotto yet but it's going to be 10 feet tall and 35...
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    Payment schedule?

    We are ready to start building and I was wondering what is a typical payment schedule for a company building a pool/spa/grotto?I don't want to put too much money out before work is completed and risk the contractor just taking the money and not completing. I have always built my own pools and...
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    The pool is going to be pretty big and will need more than just one light.
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    Hey we are building a new pool and we will have 3 pool lights, two spa lights, and 4 LED Bubblers. Can somebody suggest an affordable brand of color LED lights?
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    How deep for jumping off grotto?

    The grotto is going to be roughly 12' tall so o was thinking it would need to be deeper
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    How deep for jumping off grotto?

    We are building another pool and my designer says we would be ok jumping off our grotto into the deep end only being 7' deep. I was expecting it to be at least feet deep if not 10 or more. What should I go for depth, and is there a way that I can keep most of the pool shallow, under 5 feet, and...
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    Beach entry into deep end

    Its no more unsafe than a bench in the same spot. My last pool had a second step wet deck that dropped off to the deep end.
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    Beach entry into deep end

    The pool is going to be roughly 40'x60' so we have multiple entries with steps that meet code. If this was the only set if steps then i would understand her issue with it.
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    Beach entry into deep end

    We are designing our pool now and we have our main entry on the right side and it will have several large wet decks. On the left side we will have a grotto and deep end. We also want a beach entry, but we want the beach entry into the deep end and only go down to 12" and then drop off. Our...
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    Looking for photos of huge grottos w/spa and seating areas

    We want a huge grotto that is large enough to completely cover an 11x7 spa and have a nice large seating area and fire pit also inside the grotto. I'm sure some of you have seen some amazing pools and can point me in the right direction.
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    Gunite pool - fixable or ???

    Are you sure that's gunite? Looks like cinder blocks pasted together
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    Who else is obsessed with Pool Kings?

    I know here in Vegas we have to have engineers go over the pool designs to make sure everything is designed for strength. I imagine the permit process is similar in other areas as well. As far as putting an expensive pool on a cheap house...if you build it, there will be a buyer. We just sold...
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    Epic build

    Here are some photos of the property currently with no pool.
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    Epic build

    Our $100k budget for this will include a 12x20 balcony extension up to the pool with a firepit between the balcony and beach entry as well as a large folding glass door.