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    Fibreglass pool repair in Canada

    I don't know what kind of repair you need, but I recently had some hairline cracks, patches where the gelcoat was missing and the fiberglass was showing. I then had the entire pool shell resurfaced with Aquabright. There is a search function to find an installer in Canada. The installer did...
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    Fibreglass below ground pool, painting.

    I just had my 37 year old fiberglass pool resurfaced with AquaBright It comes with a 10 year warranty. I do not know if there are any dealers in Oz that apply this. It is applied with a flame thrower! I only offer this as an alternative. I am not familiar with the product or process outlined...
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    Worms? What gives?

    This fall I have had more earthworms than usual in the pool. I swam last night and picked up three.
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    Hello from South Africa

    Great area!
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    Hello from South Africa

    Congratulations! Where In SA? I lived a short while in Durbin (love wine!) and Cape Town.
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    Conflicting information

    Thank you both for the information.
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    Conflicting information

    The company called back and apologized for the conflicting information. This particular transformer is not UL rated for use in bodies of water that people enter. It is only rated for bodies of water like a fountain or Koi pond etc. They are going to clarify the published information moving...
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    Conflicting information

    I need to replace a low voltage transformer as the 35 year old one rusted through. I purchased a Sollos TR12SS-INT-120 that my local electric supply house recommended. I was going to install it and read the decal on the transformer itself which states it is suitable for use with submersible...
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    Much rain. What would you do?

    I'm not sure either, but my case is that mine wouldn't drain and it would just sit in the salt water. I'd rather be safe than sorry.
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    Much rain. What would you do?

    Being coastal South Carolina, I've had to drain my pool many times to keep it from overflowing. One storm, I had to drain it five times including the initial drawdown to the lowest point to allow for skimming. I have a completely walled off backyard except for the wooden gates from the side of...
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    Polywood Furniture

    I have no idea what the "proprietary ingredients" are that make up about 1%. of the mixture So it is a 20:1 ratio of water to bleach and then depending on what you are cleaning, you cut it by another 50% water so it is a little less than 1 T bleach to a quart of water.
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    Polywood Furniture the ingredients in 30 second cleaner! If you manually dose your pool, you probably already have the active ingredient in 30 second cleaner.
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    Dog potty area ideas?

    Our pool is surrounded by tabby and then beds and river rock. We trained our dog to go in one area that has river rock. It was not hard and makes clean up a snap!