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    How do you manage disposal of leaf, pine straw, pool kill, captured in manual skimming and robot?

    I use a trash can similar to this and drilled holes in the bottom so it would drain. I then empty into a yard waste bag when I have one that will hold it.
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    Need new telescopic pole and leaf net

    I have this leaf rake and absolutely love it. It developed a small hole after about 4 years and the company replaced it free of charge.
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    Change in RPM needed

    It is exactly the same as it was before and actually since I've had to up my RPM, the backwash prior to the last few weeks was 2500 then 1000 and I never had an issue. I am fine with the increase, it is just odd to me that this occurred after 5 years with no other changes to my set-up. I just...
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    Change in RPM needed

    Starts at 2500 then back down to 1400 for the remainder. I am not at home, but I believe it is a 24" or 27" filter.
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    Change in RPM needed

    No water features.
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    Change in RPM needed

    Listed in my sig.
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    Change in RPM needed

    I have inspected the cell and nothing is amiss. The flow switch is fine as well.
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    Change in RPM needed

    My AquaRite SWG is five years old I and have always been able to run my VSP at 1000 RPM for generating purposes. A bonus coincidence that when I need to backwash, the SWG stops generating because of low flow. My water warmed to the point that I turned my SWC back on but I got the low flow...
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    Underway on large pool project... w/ pics

    Have you considered a spinner rather than a dryer?
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    Shade Sail

    As an alternative that has flexibility to move as the sun moves, both during the day and with the seasons, we love this base Mini Plus 99 lb. Square Umbrella Base - Pool Furniture Supply (not purchased here, but from a Palm Casual Store much cheaper) along with an umbrella that tilts...
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    Looking to dump sand filter due to well water

    I am fortunate to have a well in addition to a city water supply. I use the well to irrigate and top off the pool. One extremely helpful thing I found on here is to add disposable hair nets such as these to...
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    LED Bulb Pool & Spa upgrade

    I ordered the bulb only and used it in my old fixture. The only issue I have is that the remote does not control unless I have the light out of the water. I do not know if it is because my lens is old and very thick on my light or the remote is weak. They sent me another bulb and remote and...
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    Bats at dusk

    We have bats that skim our salt water pool nightly. They are only interested in a drink of water after being under our neighbor's metal roof all day (the neighbor knows but does nothing about removing them!). We are thrilled to have them eat mosquitoes and other bugs, although they don't eat...
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    Dog in Pool

    Excellent that we are aware of safety for our four legged family members. I only re-iterate the exit for them in case they accidentally fall in. Our back yard is complete walled in with 8'-25' fig vine covered walls. She has dog doors that she can access the back yard which is why I really...
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    Dog in Pool

    I have a wire haired dachshund who swims in our pool for therapy and we have seen no ill effects of her in the water to us or to her. Passing along a plug for dog safety. Please take the time to train your dog to know where the exit for them is located. Regardless of where or what direction...