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    Hayward OmniLogic and networked ColorLogic Lighting, is finally here

    Have you heard anything about a release date? I can’t seem to find anything online or Hayward’s website about “omnidirect mode.” I’m a few weeks away from purchasing all the equipment for my pool build, including colorlogic lights and omnilogic automation. I’m very interested in the omnidirect...
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    NJ Owner Builder, Plumbing Design, Help Please

    I appreciate everyone letting me know about the deck jets. We're a big fan of water features and the background noise of water on the pool because even when were not in it, our patio and gazebo space is directly adjacent to the pool and it will be nice to see and hear the water features. But I'm...
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    NJ Owner Builder, Plumbing Design, Help Please

    Kim, thank you, after really thinking about it I think you're both right, 8 deck jets probably is too many. I hadn't thought of the noise. I think just 4 over towards the deep end is probably more appropriate. Kim and Jim, thank you, I will defiantly add some returns. Do you think a total of 4...
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    NJ Owner Builder, Plumbing Design, Help Please

    Hello All, Joined this forum after my dad made the recommendation. He's been on here for years and always speaks so highly of it. Naturally, when I came to him with my plan to build a pool, this was the first place he said I should go. I've been coming here for information for the past...
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