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    Pentair dynamo 1.5 hp wiring issue

    I have a pentair dynamo dynii N1 1.5hp pool pump that had a toggle switch installed on it but the wiring for the switch was corroded and causing issues so I pulled it off. I can seem to find a wiring diagram anywhere for this pump without the toggle switch. The inside cover says for wiring...
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    Current slam progress, POP is a struggle

    So I just returned home after being gone 9 days and the pool water is beautiful. FC is 9 and CC is at 1 so I’m planning to bring it back up to slam target FC and hold that until my CC problems goes away. I’ll do an OCLT tonight and restart my slam in the morning.
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    Current slam progress, POP is a struggle

    So I leave for a week tomorrow heading back to work. The pool isn’t quite complete with the SLAM as the CC is still fluctuating but it looks like I’ve run out of time. I plan to have my wife add chlorine daily and I’ll bring it back up to SLAM FC levels when I get back home and resume from there.
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    Current slam progress, POP is a struggle

    So I’m consistently passing OCLT but my CC is still fluctuating between 0 & 1 so I’m continuing my SLAM as stated but what is a normal chlorine loss due to sunlight? Today I was gone most of the day so I adjusted my FC this morning from 18 to SLAM target at 24 but once I got home my FC was down...
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    Drain pool or chem treat?

    Yea I got about 3” of rain overnight but it seems to have helped my pool out. My water is finally getting back to normal.
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    Drain pool or chem treat?

    Stay patient, I’m over 2 weeks into mine and i can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel
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    Current slam progress, POP is a struggle

    Yea, I don’t leave for work until Tuesday so I’m in no rush. Update for this morning, I’ve been continuing with the DE and maintaining my slam FC target. We got around 3” of rain last night so when I woke up this morning the FC was 18 so I added chlorine to get back to 24 FC target. Also I think...
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