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    Please help me with my new pool build and equipment

    I agree to avoid pebble over plaster if you want the surface to feel soft. I recommend pmm marquis marbletite, that is what I have on mine and looks and feels great. I did not have any plaster dust at startup compared to my previous pool which was just plain white plaster, that did create dust...
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    Plumbing leak help

    whatever you get, make sure it is SCH 40 PVC
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    What is this plug and is it necessary

    looks like a temp probe but the cord is broken?
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    Heater Install on exisiting pool

    How many gallons? Typical installations are 400k btu.. Also, how close is the propane tank and what is its size? When I lived in Maryland, we installed a 400k BTU natural gas heater on a 18k gallon pool.
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    Coping Tile Lifting Up

    looking at your pictures, if you remove too much of the existing mortar it could damage the waterline tile.. Try using a chisel and get at least 1/4"-1/2" out.
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    What is going on here? How did this happen?

    If these travertine pavers were installed over concrete then most likely that looks like mortar, not grout. You have to use an angle grinder with a ceramic disk and clean all those lines with cement before grouting.
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    2 years later, I am finished!

    thats an incredible build! I also did my pool but shotcrete and plaster, however it was nothing like that!
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    single 2"suction line presure limits

    Thanks for the suggestions, do you mind explaining why the weak link is the filter? I thought I bought the top of the line cartridge filter from pentair :D (Clean & Clear Plus Cartridge Filter 520 sqft. - 160332). The flow rating on it is up to 150GPM.. Maybe I should have bought a DE filter?
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    single 2"suction line presure limits

    so i have a 10k gallon pool that has an attached elevated spa. It has 3 main drains (2" individual pipes) and one skimmer line (2") for suction and three 2" pipes that feed 5 returns and 6 spa jets... Since i have the intelliflo vsf, i am not sure how much gpm can the system take when i am in...
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    WiFi master temp 125

    i did, i am still waiting for it.. Its true, sounds too good to be true but its worth the risk IMO since its Amazon
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    WiFi master temp 125

    x2 for the intelliconnect, its $100 on amzn
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    PB says Intelliflo VSF is maxed out at 75 gpm. Need some guidance

    my vsf is also maxed out at 100 gpm and that is increasing the max pressure to 35psi
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    SWG max flow without producing chlorine

    how about those spa jets 🤣.
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    SWG max flow without producing chlorine

    Yes, I do have a 3 way valve for that one
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    SWG max flow without producing chlorine

    So i have an intelliflo vsf on my 10k gallon pool and i just installed an ichlor 30 on the pool return line. I read that this SWG requires a minimum of 20 gpm and a maximum of 105 gpm to operate but it doesnt say anything about absolute max gpm without operation to prevent damage... Sometimes i...