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    DIY Spray Deck

    looks good!
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    fiberglass over or replaster?

    I have built two pools, but the plaster phase has been subcontracted. The first contractor did it as you described, they mixed on the mixer and used a wheelbarrow to take the mix into the pool. I did not see if they mixed the bags with sand but doubt it.. The second pool, the crew used the pmm...
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    Coping mortar issue

    are you doing a deck around this? if not then i would definitely fill them with mortar.
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    fiberglass over or replaster?

    I agree with above.... Just get 4 people inside the pool, mix 90% of the plaster bags with shovels and work it :)
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    Moving Pool Equipment

    Everything is possible but it will be expensive, the pipes have to go below the frost line, I believe PA is 24"? Also you have to move electrical and that will require more conduit and an underground junction box or new wiring from your main to the pool sub.
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    What's your current pool temp?

    84 but i am in Puerto Rico :)
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    Plumbing build. Does this seem ok?

    looks like a clean setup, however I hate those 3 way valves! I used 5 on my setup and within less than a year, 2 of them have cracked on me and had them replaced..
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    Is this grout, if so, how do i fix this, any suggestions

    just use regular sanded grout of your color choice, there is no need to buy that pool grout product IMO... Most pool builders use sanded grout