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    Why is my combined chlorine gradually increasing?

    Inquiring minds want to know... but the pocketbook doesn't want to cooperate.
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    Why is my combined chlorine gradually increasing?

    I never did report back on this. I found that adding MPS made little discernable difference in the combined chlorine. According to my records, I had just added 20 gallons of water which reduced the CC to 1.5 the day before adding the MPS. The combined chlorine remained at 1.5 for about three...
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    Bromine System - looking for corrections/advice

    Seems like you have a pretty good grasp of the chemistry. I would make a couple of observations based on your write-up. You say you are following the three step method, but don't mention using a floater. I would assume that you are using BCDMH tablets in a floater to keep the bromine level up...
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    Adding air to Lay Z Spa while full of water

    The instructions about the amount of air pressure to maintain (and not exceed) in the body of the tub are very specific. The tub come with an air pressure gauge that fits the equipment, so that you can avoid over inflating. And the equipment is designed so that the air is being being put into...
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    Is hyperbromination really needed?

    Sorry to be late to the party. I ran a bromine tub for six months, but then I switched over to chlorine. My six months on bromine was all on one fill, and during that time, I super-brominated to approximately 25 ppm bromine only twice. Both instances were to deal with a specific issue, such as...
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    New Hot Tub some chemical Issues

    If there is no one in the tub for 24 hours, 6 oz of 10% liquid chlorine would put you above 10 ppm and if you're back down to 0 in 24 hours, without anyone using the tub, that is way too much chlorine demand. On the other hand, if you soak 2 people for one hour at 102 deg F during that 24 hour...
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    Drain and Refill - Water turned yellow - Can't figure out why?

    When I first set the tub up in February, (when I was also a complete newb to water chemistry,) I had pre purchased all the supplies for bromine but had failed to purchase any sodium bromide to build the bromide bank. I read that you can crush a few BCDMH tablets to get enough bromide into the...
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    Drain and Refill - Water turned yellow - Can't figure out why?

    The consensus seems to be "iron" although we have never had any indication of excessive iron, as in deposits in the toilet bowl, etc. I had the fill water tested at a local pool store which has one of those electronic testing setups. The other parameters they gave me were pretty close, pH 6.4...
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    Drain and Refill - Water turned yellow - Can't figure out why?

    I don't know if iron content in a well can change over time, but when I first set up the tub in February, I had the water tested with results of copper 0.1 ppm and iron 0.1 ppm. I didn't even purchase a hose end filter like you can get because the readings were so low, and I have previously had...
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    Drain and Refill - Water turned yellow - Can't figure out why?

    I switched from bromine to chlorine, using the dichlor then bleach method, three months ago. Everything went normally on the switch over during both setup and use for three months. Because of a gradual buildup of combined chlorine, I decided to go ahead and do a drain and refill now. So...
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    Someone recognize this soapy looking residue on tub water surface?

    Hallo Remove the filter from the filter chamber (not sure how your tub is configured) and put it into the main tub while doing to Ah-some purge. This will remove anything that might recontaminate the water later. Under normal circumstances, one Ah-some purge of 30 minutes to one hour with the...
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    Thoughts on "GOPLUS" inflatable spa? 5-star review at Amazon but its new

    Re: Thoughts on "GOPLUS" inflatable spa? 5-star review at Amazon but its new I have a Coleman inflatable made by Bestway. It has been in service for about 9 months now with no issues. We love it and use it every day. Actually, I did have to patch a leak in the inflatable cover which happened...