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    New DIY Pool Build in Arizona - Questions

    Thanks everyone so far for the feedback. I need to take some time and digest, compare, and make lists based on some of this. Truly appreciate it, keep it coming. @Nikilyn LOL! Well, that makes sense, I didn't see your full name but always good to see familiar faces. @silvio Thank you for all...
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    New DIY Pool Build in Arizona - Questions

    Sorry, I guess I meant we will use the solar cover for the cooler months. Still trying to figure all this out :)
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    New DIY Pool Build in Arizona - Questions

    Yes, we will get a solar cover, but i don't anticipate using it every single day as we are planning on swimming A LOT (especially during the summer months and thats when the dust is the worst).
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    New DIY Pool Build in Arizona - Questions

    Hello! Yes, Gilbert/AZ seems to be a hot spot right now for pool building, hence all the contractors being so far out on timelines. Would love to know whom people are using for some of their contractors as well if possible, I'm having trouble finding a plumber :\
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    New DIY Pool Build in Arizona - Questions

    Hello, Firstly, let me introduce myself and my pool. My name is Matt and I'm a Chicago transplant now living in Arizona. Our house backs up to a mostly dirt area (it will be getting converted to houses soon, though there is a wash and road between us and the other side where the houses will go)...
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