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    Small leak

    Have a very small leak in the sand filter from the air relief valve... any suggestions?
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    Balancing (Pool water looks dull)

    Thanks! Lowered to 7.2 and then added some chlorine to bring it back to 12 PPM. It’s pretty close, probably one more day of SLAM.
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    Balancing (Pool water looks dull)

    Guess I missed that part. Should I throw some acid in there now to lower to 7.2?
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    Balancing (Pool water looks dull)

    I tested PH before I raised FC.
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    Balancing (Pool water looks dull)

    Opened pool yesterday. Tested chemicals several times today and yesterday. FC: 13.5 CC: 0 PH: 7.6 CYA: 30 CH: 210 TA: 100 No debris left in pool, just water look dull.. should I try to lower TA a little? Could that cause the dullness?
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    Need help finding tool to install/remove jet

    Can someone tell me how to install/remove this jet? Is there a special tool?
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    Chlorinator not working?

    I had a similar issue when I used my inline Pentair chlorinator. I left the top off of the chlorinator and turned the pump on; once the water reached the top of the chlorinator, I screwed the top back on.. Wouldn't recommend using the chlorinator, but that's how I got mine to work when I used it.
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    It's not algae after!

    Could the fingers in your sand filter be broken; that would possibly allow sand back into the water through your returns?
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    Pool Math App-Inconsistencies

    After you mentioned that, I realize that you have to enter your TA.. Seems to be functioning properly now.. My bad!!
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    Pool Math App-Inconsistencies

    Hi All, Quick question. When looking at the PH section with a current PH of 7.8 and a target PH of 7.2 using 31.45% MA it suggest I use 8.2 oz to lower to my target level.... When going into the effects of adding 31.45% MA it says that adding 8 oz will lower PH by .1... Any idea why there are...
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    Menards - Midwest liquid chlorine sale - $.125/oz

    I picked up 10 cases yesterday, as I have to use 1 gallon of 12.5% daily (Date was June 5, 2019) to keep my pool at the proper levels.. Hoping they run another special around Labor Day; so I can finish out the season. I store in my basement so it stays pretty fresh.
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    Water Feels Chalky on skin - Causes?

    I have a fiberglass pool and if I rub the walls I get a white chalky substance that comes off; is that what you are seeing? My chemistry is perfect; so I have pretty much just ignored it.
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    Typical Chlorine depletion

    I have a CYA of 60, and lose roughly 4 PPM every day.... I add 1 gallon of 12.5% every morning which typically takes me to 9.5-10 PPM, and then it drifts down..