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    Need a new Spa cover.....Recommendations.

    In need of a new spa cover. Would like to order one online to be delivered. Who do you recommend and how is your cover holding up?
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    Dolphin Ultimate

    New dolphin ultimate....
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    M600 weight

    Website says 23.5 Lbs.
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    Guess what...... I just got the M600

    Thanks for the update! I am seriously considering this model to replace a Polaris 280
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    What speeds to use with my VS pump?

    Jimrahbe, I'm curious as to what schedule you have your VS pump running at? Constant rpm or so you vary and to whats speeds and time?
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    Hot Tub help

    Well after a drain , Ahh-Some cleaning and refill all is well again! Thanks for the help.
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    Hot Tub help

    Thanks will do!
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    Hot Tub help

    375 gallons
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    Hot Tub help

    No ozonater.
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    Hot Tub help

    Thanks I will give these a shot.
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    Hot Tub help

    Little background, purchased home with hot tub back in July of this year. Decided to switch from chlorine tablet feeder to SmarterSpa salt system in August. At that time also treated with Ahh-Some cleaner, cleaned and changed water. We have been using tub approx 2-3 nights a week trouble free...
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    Pool Heat pump bypass question.

    I have a heat pump on a new to me pool in signature. I had pool and equipment inspected before purchase, everything checked out OK. My question is the previous owners have bypass valve open and inlet and outlet vales closed to heat pump. Now the heat pump isn't needed right now because water...
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    Guess what...... I just got the M600

    Looking good! Thinking of getting an M600 as well!
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    New to the site and bought a home with an IGP

    Hello from Kentucky, moving to a new to us home with an IGP 26k also has a free standing hot tub. Appreciate all the help. Mike