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    SWG Chlorine Generation too low

    Update: I ran an ONCGain test on Wednesday night with the pump on high speed. 10:39pm: 10ppm 7.5 hours @ 100% should generate 5.8ppm 6:10am, 13ppm This seems to confirm the other results.
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    SWG Chlorine Generation too low

    Lol. So many bubbles to worry about. My SWG is now mount horizontally and I do get a small bubble at the end of the cell, after the end of the plates, in the small dome created before the transition from 2" to 1.5". I can't imagine that this could downrate the generator by >50%. Here's what...
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    SWG Chlorine Generation too low

    I get a bubble in the pump lid when the skimmer sock is loaded up. With no resistance to suction flow, no air gets pulled in. Kids bouncing around in the pool also introduces air, but I can control for that.
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    SWG Chlorine Generation too low

    Ah, I see what you're suggesting. Light dawns on Marblehead. I'll give that a shot tomorrow night when I have time in the morning to test before work.
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    SWG Chlorine Generation too low

    I did run it all night. But I have no way of knowing whether generation stopped at any point because of low flow.
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    SWG Chlorine Generation too low

    I know it was in Super CL all night because I had to turn it off in the morning to allow it to mix for 20 minutes or so before testing. I checked the diagnostics during two consecutive cycles on Saturday. Unfortunately, only the 2nd saved in my notes. My recollection is that the other one was...
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    SWG Chlorine Generation too low

    I wasn't able to run the ONCL test on Saturday, but I did run one last night. FC 9.5 at 10:30pm and FC 9.5 at 7:30am. Which brings me back to my concern that this SWG is under performing by about a factor of 2. Is there anything else I can check before I go back to the manufacturer?
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    Pool slide lost pressure after new superflo was installed

    Can you post a full picture of the equipment layout and pad? I'm assuming you know that the valve is off in the first picture above?
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    Balance problem

    Did you pass the ?
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    SWG Chlorine Generation too low

    I appreciate everyone's responses. I would be much more likely to accept the variance from rating theory if I was measuring more like 70%-90% of rating. But what I'm seeing here is closer to 45%. I was very careful with the overnight test. I turned the pump on at high speed with the SWG off to...
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    SWG Chlorine Generation too low

    My new RJ-45+ isn't generating what it should. I just ran an Overnight Chlorine Gain Test and got less than half what I was expecting. This followed a mini-ONCL of about 4 hours where no chlorine was lost at all. Background: This is my first season with a new RJ-45+ SWG. It's been running fine...
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    current sensing relay help

    I think @PoolStored is using a CSR, too.
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    New Pool Owner, New to Pool Maintenance

    Neither of these testing methods are reliable. Please get yourself a quality test kit. Liquid chlorine should be easy to source. Unfortunately, you will find that this is not true. You can hope, but I'm afraid you never...
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    I want to cry

    Was the pool empty at the time of the storm?
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    Pump suddenly losing pressure?

    What does your water look like? What does your chemistry look like?