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    discolored spot in pool

    Why aren't you running the filter while adding chlorine & why are you only adding twice a week? Most of us add daily.
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    Store bleach doesn’t exist anymore

    They sell them where I get the chlorine. I also got the wrench. The spout has an on/off valve. I set the container on a five gallon bucket & transfer it to one gallon jugs so I don't have lug around all five gallons. It works well for me.
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    Store bleach doesn’t exist anymore

    Riverside Chemical in North Tonawanda sells a 5 gallon container of chlorine for $16.95 including tax. $10.00 deposit on container & you'll want to purchase a spout. I believe the strength is 12%.
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    Brand new pool

    What strength is your chlorine? Bleach is usually around 5 or 6 percent. Liquid chlorine for pools is usually 10 or 12 percent. Did you get the PH down?
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    Can I replace electric cord of Hayward H100ID1 heater?

    You could mount an electrical box inside the heater and join the ends with twist connectors.
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    New to TFP and having a pool!

    You'll want to get out as much as you can with a leaf net. Get your chlorine level up & run the filter 24/7 until the water clears. Once you can see the bottom use the leaf rake again then vacuum. Draining could be the easiest option but may not be a good idea if the liner is more than a few...
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    Just opened our pool and it looks like this

    What type of filter do you have? Chances are you will need to clean the filter often until it starts to clear. You could also have a clogged impeller.
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    Be careful!

    Wild Wings Accident Posting this as a reminder for all of us to be careful when using chlorine.
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    Pool newbie just moved into FL house pre-hurricane

    Which Taylor kit are you using?
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    New homeowner, first pool, test results are bad

    Liners get brittle with age & could tear if drained too much. At 7 years old (at the most) I wouldn't drain it all but think you'll be safe taking out 75-80%.
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    New homeowner, first pool, test results are bad

    You need to drain 3/4 of the water get CYA down to 40 ppm. Do you know how old the liner is? You can siphon the water out with a garden hose or your vacuum hose.
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    New homeowner, first pool, test results are bad

    Take a cup of pool water & mix it with a cup of tap water. Use the mixed water when you do the CYA test. Report the result & we can tell you how much water to drain. True CYA level will be 2 times the result.
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    Filter becomes clogged after an hour

    Nice. Bring the PH down. Its a great day for a swim!
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    Filter becomes clogged after an hour

    I was hoping you'd be closer & I could try to give you some help. We're leaving for vacation Friday & just don't think I'll have the time this week. You could start a siphon with your vacuum hose & get most of the remaining debris out without using the filter. Not sure how much water you would...