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    Should I seal bottom of my screen enclosure with caulk/silicone?

    mariane-- we are having issues with ants coming up through our pavers and even around the edge of our coping. Since it's a 3-4 foot width for the pavers/coping, what do you suggest for putting something down to get rid of them, which will also not get into the pool water? I am hesitant to...
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    Ledge Lounger Help

    I called Ledge Lounger directly and spoke with a nice, helpful lady. Their "seconds" stock changes frequently so they're not always available.
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    Hayward LED lights

    My pool is just over a year old with 3 lights, Hayward color logic. All 3 each had burned out bulbs once, and now 2 out of 3 lights have burned out bulbs again.. multiple of them. Frustrating. LEDs are supposed to last a long time..........
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    Plaster Issues and Meeting with PB This Week - Advice?

    Thank you! I think they see this stuff as all cosmetic (which a lot of it is, but was still avoidable!) and will not own up to the fact that their plaster subcontractor rushed the job and thus, skimped on quality and decent aesthetics. The daylight pic that ends in 7650 is to show a dark spot...
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